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It’s time to end the wars! We gave up enough lives!

April 30, 2011
How many more soldiers need to die?

During the Viet Nam war the news media actually did report on the war.  It seems we have wars that nobody bothers to report anymore.  All I see is that an announcement on another soldier gone from Wisconsin.  All I see are the flags at half staff, again, and again, and again in Wisconsin.

Nobody like Richard Nixon, because he was never popular.  Richard Nixon got elected as President for one reason.  He said he would end the Viet Nam war if elected.  Guess what?  The USA wanted to end the war, and he got elected.
I want a candidate for President who will end the wars, now.  I don’t care why or who has reasons to keep killing our sons and daughters for some noble cause.  STOP THE KILLING!  I WANT A PRESIDENT CANDIDATE TO END THE WARS NOW!
I would vote in any candidate who will end the wars, now.  I don’t see how it is our job to decide who should be killed because we don’t like them.  Do you want to supply the list of names to be targeted and killed?  We use these drone killing machines to blow up people a world away.  These killing machines make us feel better about killing?  Do you want to see the children crying that mom or dad was killed in our wars?
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