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You must have been one ugly baby!

April 27, 2011
Show me your baby pictures!

President Obama can’t make some people happy!  Okey, so we have never had so many people kicked out of their homes.  Okey, so we never had so many people unemployed.  (Take my son, please!  Henny Youngman we need you.)  Okey, so we can’t afford to pay for gasoline, higher utility rates, higher grocer prices, but inflation is not a problem!

Donald Trump wants to see Obama’s baby pictures.  The President refuses to share the family album.  When Bush was running for President the journalists wanted to see his report cards, interview classmates that he copied their homework, and see if any relatives donated to any of the schools he attended that helped him graduate kindergarten!  Okey, I admit I do want to see Obama’s baby pictures, his drawings as a kid, and does he have any books outstanding from the library in Hawaii!
Is there no end to the fanatic and adoring public wanting more, more, and more from our President?  He is the Chosen One! 
Anyway, we enjoy any distractions from our trials of ourcountry, our weak economy, and our bleak future for our children disappearing before it even had a chance to happen.
Why is the President running around raising money all the time?  Can people pledge their unemployment and foodstamps as contributions for our President’s campaign?  How about his Chinese donors who showed up by the tens of thousands to anonymously contribute $10 with no records needed?
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