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Hobo cure for gas pains, hop a freight train!

April 24, 2011

I don't pay for gasoline as President, so stop complaining!

President Obama has increased the number of homeless, the number of unemployed, and increased the number of US companies expanding in Russia, India, China, and Brazil.  Oil production in foreign countries are at an all time high also!  Employment in the USA has increased at McDonald’s is the best he can accomplish.  Maybe he won’t screw up McDonald’s?  Oh wait, his wife put a bulls eye on that company because she is getting a lard ass again.  It’s McDonald’s fault that she is waddling around again.

Anyway, Uncle Stosh came back from visiting his hobo relations in Illinois and reported average gasoline price is now $4.29 per gallon of regular unleaded gas.  Uncle Stosh does not suffer gas pains anymore, because he does not drive anymore!  It’s one advantage if you are unemployed and homeless! 

We are all delighted that Obama is getting more windmills, solar powered stuff, and light bulbs that use less electricity!  Didn’t know that was his job, but glad he is pitching in!  What about our oil drilling, natural gas wells, and cars/delivery trucks  that can run on propane instead of gasoline or diesel?  Oh, not green energy!  Never mind!  We only have to wait for green energy another hundred years, by then all ourproblem will be over since we”ll all be dead!

A hundred years from now, the President will be wondering why the USA kept useless coal in the ground that could have run power plants?  The future President will wonder why we kept natural gas underground that has no use, except as a source of energy?  The future President will wonder why we kep oil underground that has no use except to be burned or as chemicals by refining?  A hundred years form now, the President will be told that it will take too long to drill for oil, and we should start an alternative energy policy outlined by President Nixon, but stopped by the Democrats in the 1970’s.

Gas station owners used to have a sign posted by cash register that they will not break $100 bill.  President Obama has changed those signs!  “Don’t show up to buy gas without $100!”  President Obama has $20,000,000,000 from BP stuffed in his back pocket and doesn’t care that oil companies are selling us oil from all over the world at higher prices.  He has raised the cost to get permits, and approval documents for local production.  Why worry?  Oil companies make more money by selling us oil from all over the world where drilling is wide open!

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