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Retired Professor proud of bombing USA

April 21, 2011
Neighborhood political sponsor of Obama from Chicago bomber Ayers.

It seems bombing never goes out of style!  Charlie Sheen has been bombing on his unleashed greed tour, but it’s showbiz jargon for non lethal lousy performance.  Then there are the blow up and kill people bombs.  After failing to kill and destroy enough as a bomber, Bill Ayers enjoyed using tax dollars as a professor to poison and confuse thousands of students.

We salute Bill for endorsing the value of the 9/11/2001 attack on the USA.  He is proud that imperialist USA was brought down by the killing of anyone and everyone with the hijacked airliners.  Probably he recognizes that his cowardly run and hide style of revolution is lacking in courage and effectiveness.  His academic achievements are certainly lacking and ineffectual.  Anyway he publicly expressed his views in a newspaper proudly proclaiming his support of the slaughter on 9/11/2001.
It is appropriate that an ineffective revolutionary was the grassroots supporter of President B.O. ascent to wear the mantle of coffeehouse revolutionaries.  It seems nobody cares the company our President has surrounded himself with killers, anarchists, and billionaires to fund pet revolutionary causes for power and profit.
Perhaps in the 2012 campaign, someone might find it worth debating how a cowardly college “professor” is connected to the world of a President who is to uphold our Constitution and defend our freedom.
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