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Prince William secret hobo bachelor party!

April 20, 2011
Bethroted for marriage Kate and William will party hardy!

The hobo grapevine in merry old England has notified us that Prince William has plans to party hardy!  His last nights of freedom will include debauchery known in our culture as “bachelor party”.  England has no puritanical reservations on indulging in hedonistic and carnal pleasures.  We in the colonies like to think we are the wild and crazy partiers because we are bombarded with YouTube and commercials on watching drunk college girls in different stages of nudity.  England doesn’t need such tittilations with orgies, concubines, and yes, “a night on the town” for a bachelor.

Hobo travelers in England have heard Hooters has been begging and bribing for the prince to make their establishment party central.  However, industrial strength panyhose and sourthern fried greasy gut bomb appetizers were politely turned down.  Plus England favors dark ale over ultra light pale beer.
He does plan to pop into the hobo jungle for some contraband moonshine, and cuddling a few of the vagabond ladies who are hoboettes of freshly bankrupt blue blood families in England.  It’s hard to get tourists to keep the family castle going with the USA folks busted, no dough to travel, and taxed out.
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