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Let’s pay more for foreign oil we paid them to drill!

April 16, 2011

Brazil has the oil wells we sent away by shutting down drilling.

Brazil got billions from the USA so they could make billions from us!

As I just put in $50 dollars of gas into my car, I was grateful that our tax money is going to Brazil!  I would love to visit Brazil.  It’s beautiful, and rich.  They have bought out our meat packing industry.  They have increased ethanol production for export, and they have oil reserves to rival Saudi Arabia.  I don’t like my tax dollars going to Brazil, because I want to go.

George Soros has a few billion invested in Petrobaras.  To make sure his investment makes him billions more, President Obama has shoved some of our billions to make sure his investment works out.  Of course, we shut down all of our drilling, so that helps too!  Obama claims we have never pumped so much oil in the USA.  Sounds good, but we know the facts are different.  Obama does get some nice donations and funding for goon squads from Soros. 
Our energy policy is to have us ride bicycles, and buy $45,000 electric cars.  Gasoline is the past, our President promises a better future!  The citizens of the USA have to learn to become resourceful like the citizens from the USSR who relied on government farms and government utilities.  Of course, the government farms failed to feed the population, and the government utilities were unreliable.  So it’s time to start planning the same for ourselves.  Splitting more firewood for next winter, and will look at a wind turbine for electric before we start rationing gas and electric.
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