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Kloppenberg almost got into the Wisconsin Supreme Court, thank goodness for almost!

April 10, 2011

Kloppenberg won't even be remembered, but I can't forget her soon enough!

Phil Neuenfeldt of the AFL-CIO congratulated JoAnne for “an enormous victory for the hundreds of thousands of  Wisconsinites who have stood up to have their voices heard and take back their government since Scott Walker began his extreme power grab.”  The April 6 declaration of victory by JoAnne Kloppenberg evidently proved she did not have a political savvy campaign manager.  The county that missed counting votes has always, always been a Republican bastion.  It was obvious that those voters did not sit on their hands and stay home from voting.  The correction was handled and the massive 204 margin of victory was washed away.

This vote was still very close.  It seems a government attack dog attorney can still endear herself to voters to give power of life and death seated on the Supreme Court.  It just shows how far some people are willing to live dangerously for a few bucks for union favors.  She can go back to harassing farmers with government actions she has wasted their time and money as before.  AFL-CIO now can focus on a full personal assault and attack on Walker and his newly elected trying to save Wisconsin from losing more jobs and wasting more tax money.

Thank you wicked witch  lawyer!  Wasting tax money for a recount you will lose and waste over half million dollars.  JoAnne is a moron.

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