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Everybody should be happy! It’s time to file your tax return!

April 5, 2011

Just get Stan and Ollie to solve the problems B.O. can't!

A decree went out that each family must return to their hometown to register for taxes to Caeser.  Thus began the life of baby Jesus, born in a barn because his parents had to register for tax collectors in Bethlehem.  My boys were born in a nice house, but now we live in my hobo shack.  And yes I owe back taxes to everybody who can tax me! 

So now as I see the government prepared to shut down, I can only hope the IRS get fired so I get some more time to pay taxes.

Anyway, our President wants to keep the Senate leader and the House leader on daily meetings.  He has no agenda, but just wants to hear what they have to say.  Sounds like a plan to save the government budget!

Suggest they watch Laurel and Hardy movies.  They will get just as much done, and have some fun!

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