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Ain’t it grand?! In the USA even hoboes are trillionaires!

April 3, 2011

A-1 portrayed by Lee Marvin was a man with nothing to lose and something to prove.

We thank our Senators and Representatives that made us all trillionaires!  I never owed so much money in my whole life, and got nothing to show for it!  Lucky to be living n the USA in these enlightened times.  The hobo traditions are coming back bigger than ever.  The hobo jungles are buzzing on who will become the next Emporor of the North Pole.  It is a great honor to be the ultimate ruler of a desolate frozen waste land. (Hobo humor includes laughing at their lot in life that even if you win, you get nothing but trouble.)

It’s spring time in Keshena Wisconsin, and the snow looks real pretty burying the trees and frozen lakes again.  It looks real pretty if you’re inside.  Our son is on drill with the National Guard at Fort McCoy and playing in the snow.  He’s skinnier than Lee Marvin. He’s a hobo without a job, but no good rail service so he’s mooching money for gas to hang out at buddy’s shacks around.

We did get some good new from our president that we won’t need to buy gasoline much longer.  He didn’t tell us what we would get instead of his gas.  Until he fills us in, we’ll still stop at a gas station and pay too much for too little.  I am glad that we don’t need to use gasoline anymore.  Now I can go to the grocery store to see what I can’t afford for food. 

My son is broke, in debt, and will owe trillions of dollars.  He is a hobo in training.  We are organizing an international network of hoboes, so visit;

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