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President B.O. orders troops to enter Libya barefoot!

April 1, 2011

No boots on the ground! B.O. new strategy for war.

Our president will never lie to us or mislead us.  No military may enter Libya wearing boots.  They must be barefoot.  And they can only carry one bullet like Barney Fife.  Thank you Obama for not allowing US boots to be on the ground in Libya!

The guerillas will have rockets, grenades, machine guns, unlimited ammunition, and boots.  The US will be ordered not to shoot because we don’t know who is the good guy or the bad guy.  We will just stand around barefoot with a thumb up our ass.

Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are still figuring out what we intend to accomplish while the bullets and rockets are flying from the arsenal of the USA.  We hope the weaons we handed out will be used following ethical and fair play rules Obama believes are important in combat.  The guerillas are supposed to have a US lawyer with every brigade to advise the enemy army of their rights to a fair trial in New York City.

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