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B.O. plays Santa Claus giving weapons to guerillas!

March 30, 2011

Mug shot of Oliver North.  Hillary Clinton will get her picture taken too!Just what I wanted for Christmas!  Rocket Propelled Grenades, armored troop carriers, and night vision goggles will make all the guerillas happy as they kill night and day!  Oh happy days, and we of the USA should be so proud that we are the weapons dealer.  Oh never mind, it will be NATO!  Only all the stuff will be from the USA anyway.  Libya doesn’t even know Santa Claus, so will have to see if the Muslim religion has a lovable character that passes out guns from their traditions.

President Ronald Reagan had weapons sent to the Middle East and the Democrats in Congress were howling for the head of “Ollie” North!  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want to ship weapons to folks they don’t know.  You know that our USA troops have limits, rules, guidelines from our fearless leader on how, when, where, and how many bullets they can shoot in combat.  Does anyone believe the guerilla fighters will be so disciplined in their careful use of weapons? Can we be proud that the rights of gay guerillas, minority rights, etc. are all the priority of these guerillas?  Gays in the military are more important than winning wars. Oops, a “No fly zone” that is “kinetic activity” is certainly not war or combat.  It seems everyone had Reagan impeached and his minions hung because of the allegation weapons were shipped to the Middle East!  President Obama just outright said in public they are considering covert operations (murder by skilled military types) and support of guerillas.  Reagan must be laughing in his coffin with the tact and discretion displayed by Obama by telling everybody everything except the time and date of insertion of weapons and “covert” folks.

Obama told the CIA to begin these covert operations a couple of weeks ago.  So he expects murder, mayhem, and secret weapons to be handed out like candy at Halloween courtesy of the CIA.  He doesn’t want to know the details, of course, and of course, he fully intends to hang any CIA guy that violates the ethics and sensitivity of our most transparent and ethical President.  If I was on the CIA team, think I would disappear until it all blows over.   You CIA guys are invited to  the hobo jungle to hide out.  Just leave the rockets, machine guns, poison, and other killing stuff behind.

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