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Up Yours! Courtesy of disorganized labor unions

March 27, 2011

The banners and protestors from the 60's was flowers and "make love not war".

This doesn’t look like a tourism “Welcome to Wisconsin” type of poster.  The protestors are morons who think Wisconsin wants to pay more taxes to give benefits to leeches who claim sick pay  using our tax money to protest to get more tax money.  There was no intelligent spokesperson who could articulate the greivous wrong done by Governor Walker.  Parents endure a baby pissing and moaning throwing tantrums to get attention.  However, if you use these tactics when you are over 21, I plan on including you in the moron camp.

The election of November 2010 took place.  Protest all you want, but don’t mess up our capitol building with your live in garbage and attack legislators like a mob.  We don’t welcome the threat of violence,and mob action will not over rule the ballot box. Wisconsin is not a 3rd world colony of the Democrats and communists. 

If you want to stand with Wisconsin, bring your family here.  Don’t show up shouting, yelling, and threatening people.  If you’re mad, too bad.  Hope you pop your blood vessels back at your home state.  Wisconsin is not that excited about what seems like a life or death struggle.  It’s not. Those getting paid by the state will get less.  So what?  We don’t want your opinion, because you aren’t paying our bills.  You are costing us money, not helping us make money.  It’s great to demand no cuts in anything; “give us more, but don’t tax us more”.  Who pays then? 

Anyway, had to get this poster out there since it must be on all the university campuses around the counry.  Nobody will “stand with Wiscosnsin” when it is 25 degree out right now.  These folks are fair weather fans, literally.  We’ll see more this Spring.  The protest crowd can’t endure hardship, they want it soft,and handed to them on paid by the government platter.  We’re done putting our money on the handout platter.  Get real you morons! 

Last, but certainly not least.  If you wanted the USA to find a trillion dollars, tell our President to stop killing our mlitary by playing war around the globe.  You know the reason Nixon was elected president?  He stopped the VietNam War.  This president will blunder us into war with North Korea  and Iran on top of Afghanistan, Libya bloodshed.  We need a president who can end wars, not create wars.

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