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“Kinetic activity” means we are not fighting a war!

March 26, 2011

French President Nicolas Sarkozy knows how to put a 2 cent dictator away!

The world is lucky to have French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  He recognizes and admires the history of the USA from our days of Revolution through our sacrificing our lives to save France in World War II.  This old hobo is grateful that we have a world leader who is a true friend of the USA and our ideals of freedom enforced by decisive use of military.

It came as a surprise to everyone in the USA that bombs and missiles were raining on Libya from the USA.  Our president will tell us what happened last week, soon.  He didn’t bother telling our elected representatives for the House of Representatives either.  I’m glad he has such confidence in Nicolas Sarkozy, but it’s our country and our sons and daughters plus our military money he’s tossing into Libya.  Of couse no boots on the ground is politician lying, becase when the jet crashed it was the pilots buttes on the ground, not their boots.  We know there are military personnel on the ground guiding the missiles with lasers, and scout teams to assess important targets

Anyway, we’re fortunate President Sarkozy is in charge.  I actually find it more reassuring that he is in charge and not our elected world traveler President Obama.  Sarkozy will win.  Obama will set timetables for departure, play some more golf, work on his baseball schedule, and visit some more countries in search of American jobs.  Can we move to have Sarkozy our acting president?  We won’t even ask for his birth certificate.

Sarkozy doesn’t label a military attack as “kinetic activity” in another country.  It seems the military is not so smart.  They are paying “combat pay” for those involved for this “kinetic activity”.  Is this political double talk that from now on “kinetic activity” means combat with shooting and dying?   President Obama thought it was worth laugh that his Nobel Peace Prize supports his kinetic activity for our military sons and daughters.

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