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2 Indispensable Big Wheels have disappeared!

March 20, 2011

Hot air is the only global warming undertaker Gore has going.

Keith has been blogging nude and it’s not pretty!

Keith Olberman left MSNBC by invitation of management back on Januarry 22 of this year.  To remain unbalanced and ineffective he has resorted to blogging, just like this old hobo.  Welcome to the hobo jungle Keith.  You have diminished your superstar status by mingling with the common folk.  Visisted your blog and do find many follower comments from the unhinged bipolar multitudes.

The earth’s demise and doomsday fan clubs are clinging to the gravedigger Al “biscuits and gravy” Gore.  Al seems to have fallen out of video top 10.  It seems “Dumbest Criminals” ranks far above Gore video commercial ventures.  He has been seen scaring 1st graders that the world is ending.  The world’s mortician seems confused on the cause of our demise.  It was climate change into global warming.  Really?  It’s Spring to us mere mortals.  Since setting records on snowfall, blizzards across the USA this winter, it appears counting tree rings and consulting psychic hotlines has not proved our demise by gloabl warming.  But wait, Summer will be hot!  That proves we are doomed!

These are sad times when the deranged delusions of the ranting leaders of liberal thought are yanked off the world stage.  We may never see these over sized egos again!  It’s a conspiracy of the rightwing extremists to deny the wisdom and fat paychecks to Keith and Al!

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