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USA is funding Brazil oil drilling so USA can buy oil!

March 19, 2011

We should import all of our food and stop farming now!

President blowing smoke so we don’t see Brazil jobs grow with US money.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the USA money funding oil exploration for Brazil’s profit and benefit in 2009 on August 18.   It’s great that we are building up the economy of Brazil by direct USA investment to sell us oil that will make Brazil more money!  Why aren’t we using our own oil resources to make money for the workers in USA?  It’s okey to pay for people in the oil industry to work in Brazil, but it’s not okey to pay for US citizens to work in oil industry at home?  Can the President please explain why this makes sense to the tax paying and unemployed in the USA?  (This is a rhetorical question because he won’t bother telling the citizens of our country on our money funding Brazil to make more money from the USA.)

DRILL BABY DRILL!  When the gasoline pumps are selling gasoline this Summer at $4.999 per gallon this year, maybe he will promise to focus like a laser on energy policy.  We are still waiting on the jobs summit action plan from 2009, and the deficit reduction plan from 2010.  Our president can’t seem to keep track of what year he promised what to do.  Don’t matter, his promises are like smoke in the wind anyway.

Maybe we should stop growing crops as well, and let the USA become a nature preserve.  We can import everything we need, and be helpless as babes in the woods.  STOP THE MADNESS!  STOP GROWING CROPS!  It uses up precious natural resources, and farmers do clear away trees to grow crops.  Save the trees and stop agriculture now!

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  1. March 27, 2011 9:18 pm

    Great article. Well written. I agree that we should get those jobs abroad. Great work.


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