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Millie the coonhound smells the skunks are back!

March 13, 2011

You don't know a coonhound, until you have lived with a coonhound

Warner Brothers favorite amorous skunk is funny, in the cartoons.

My Treeing Walker Coonhound Millie keeps baying and running to the door.  Every time we go out for a walk, she is ready to hunt.  I didn’t know the skunks were our yet.  When we went out for supper to The Cotton Patch Supperclub, my wife and I got to inhale the unique aroma of a skunk spray near the road.  The skunks are back,and Millie knew this already.

Pepe Le Pew is hysterical in the Warner Brothers cartoons in the Bugs Bunny family of characters.  But it’s not funny living with a coonhound.  She barks so loud, skunks a hundred yards away spray, because she is so damn loud.  Then you can smell it all over the woods.  So far we kept Millie from getting skunk perfume.

Fair warning to my friends in the northwoods of  Wisconsin.  If you hear a hound from hell baying and barking after the sun goes down, beware of the skunks she has flushed out are ready to spray!  She bounds over fallen trees like an antelope, and races with the speed of a cheetah, and will not back down from a racoon attack.  They are courageous, loyal, and a pain in the butte.  They will tree a bear, and we have plenty of bears that will be coming out of hibernation soon.

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