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Fab 14 are back! Happy Days are here again!

March 13, 2011

Home come the conquering heros! Morons cheer on the cowards who fled their posts.

What a miracle, what a wonderous return of the prodigal senators who came to accolades and chidlike admiring bufoons.  They have pissed on the honor and history of the republic with a temper tantrum response to disagreement.  There is no end to stupidity and mindless scheming to win at any cost for the Democrat Senators.  This old hobo does have to smile that they got paid, gifts, free food, and a parade for not working!  What kind of fun we can have when they get recalled in an election.  More marches, banners, and morons yelling on the treachery of a democracy in action in the republic of Wisconsin.  Welcome to Wisconsin all you protestors.  Thanks for spending money, and thanks for leaving. The coffeehouse revolutionary radicals will be busy laughing at the people who voted in the governor Walker, while we go about paying taxes, and supporting the pay of the liberal professors who brainwash the drum banger students.

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