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“Here I come to save the day!” Mighty Mouse Libya needs you!

March 12, 2011

"Here I come to save the day!" Now way with B.O. now.

Those yearning for freedom and justice in Iran, Libya, and Saudi Arabia should wake up and smell the oil money.  Our President won’t challenge big oil money from the Mideast, even if it is blood money.  So the citizens are slaughtered and silenced, while our President solemnly pledges to do something, someday, somewhere, somehow. 

Of course, watiting for the United Nations to agree on anything, insures they all will die.  A world leader does not wait while tyrants kill their citizens,imprison protestors,and deny justice to anyone who might cause trouble sometime.  Thank you President Obama. 

Of couse we can’t drill, refine, or use our own resources of oil.  Let’s give money to the tyrants who oppress and kill their people, to sell us the oil we wouldn’t need if we developed our own.  The blood of the innocents are on our hands. 

Our oil workers, our oil equipment, and our companies are investing everywhere but here. Wonder why?

Mighty Mouse would be a better leader, and he’s just an old cartoon.

Ever wonder how the BP oil money is being distributed?  Feinberg has made more twists and turns to screw the Gulf residents, he should be promoted to the the Healtcare DeathPanel.  He would be great.

CORRECTION: On March 19, 2011 the French initiated intervention into Libya airspace.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outlined the US participation in this global response to Libya massacre by government forces.  We are glad that USA is supporting this effort, and are proud of our French allies, and yes Lithuania is also supporting this also.  This is welcome and needed to derail a madman killing his own people.

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