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Global Warming brings Tsunami warning to USA!

March 11, 2011

Al Gore predicted TsuNami years ago!

The end of the world that Al Gore predicted is underway!  Tsunami warnings for Hawaii and California are posted today.  If we only listened to the Nostradamus of Green Peace, Al Gore!

It is not clear if the earth quake in Japan was predicted by Al Gore.  We are waiting for directions on what to do.  I do think Al is collecting donations to save his world. 

Surf is up dude!  We expect the self centered, energy wasting citizens of California coast line to be surfing, and partying oblivious to our imminent destruction.

The forces of nature dwarf the efforts of men to channel and change the earth’s dynamic process.  We are hugging onto the surface for dear life as the earth shakes, freezes, warms, burns, and floods.  We are heading to the hobo jungle to discuss the USA delegation of hobo party visit to Washington DC.  Since we currently have almost 10% out of work across the USA, there are more hobo folk than ever.  We intened to continue our bon fires in the hobo jungle in protest of this unemployment problem and now this Tsunami problem.  We don’t think it will hit Madison Wisconsin where most of the leaders of the civilized world have focused attention.  It is time to pay attention to Al GOre and his predictions of doom.

Doctor Gloom is concerned that Al’s diet of biscuits and mashed potatoes can shorten his life.  We ask that Michelle Obama do an intervention, and put down those back ribs!  Professor Doom has contacted Dr. Kevorkian for help.

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