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Hobo tinseltown Sheen mania

March 10, 2011

"Yes, I think I'm going out of my head!"

Charlie Shee  pleaded to LIFE & STYLE magazine that he really needs help.  Uncle Stosh is willing to leave the hobo jungle and hang out with Charlie to do a hobo intervention. It’s time to make a career change and get a fresh wind in Charlie’s sails!  Being a professional hobo is a noble calling. 

In Charlie’s present state he does have possibilities to become a hobo apprentice “newbie” in today’s slang.  In this picture he does look a little creepy.  He’s wearing sunglasses for the legally blind, and the lid has to go.  He needs to change his appearence to fit into the hobo world.  He looks too poor wearing only a tee shirt.  Every self respecting hobo wears a shirt over their tee. 

To gain public sympathy, and some free food, he needs to go to Madison, Wisconsin to joint the protestors banging tom toms, and wandering aimlessly.  Next, he can hang out with the missing state Senators who are Democrats in exile.  These Senators fear for their safety, and resent that they may have to return to work!  This is a free country!  We cannot force anyone to work.  These Wiscosin Democrat Senators are genuine hobo heros.  They are gettitng paid to do nothing!

Sorry Charlie, but the drugs must go.  You’ll grease the rails hopping a train stoned.  No self respecting hobo can afford illegal drugs, anyway. It’s only the idle pampered rich that afford to kill themselves with expensive drugs.

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