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Hobo tinseltown report a.k.a. Hollywood Miley Cyrus

March 6, 2011

Is she dragging a roll of toilet tissue?

It is great to see someone talented, young and gifted reaching fame and fortune.  Too bad I don’t get to see this happen these days.  Miley Cyrus is pretending to be talented and gifted.  She is young, so one out of three is enough these days to get rich.

I had the misfortune of watching SNL and she was the “guest”, at least they didn’t gush that she is a “SUPERSTAR” guest.  (How come SNL has a cast of thousands?)  The opening skit had her portray Lohan.  That was lame, and she may be seeing her future fate.  Anyway, her solo introduction cleared the tv audience to go to the kitchen or the toilet.

My teenage son used to watch her Disney show”Hannah Montana”.  Gag!  The canned laughter tracks are meaningless for this show.  She has a great future doing infomercials coming soon.

I was going to do an intervention for my son, but he has returned to Xbox games and cranking his stereo with hip hop.  I felt like Gomez Addams ready to rant and rail on the cruel and painful nature of “family” entertainment on Disney!  Gomez and Morticia, where are you when we need you?

The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Miley’s dad over reached way beyond his meager talent, and is riding on his child’s limited talents.  My boys deserve a shot at Hollywood.  It just motivates me to see that if Miley can succeed, anyone can!

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