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Hobo Index of Misery update

February 27, 2011

They don't build porcelain palaces anymore, but they still sell "sliders"!

Uncle Stosh just reported that during his visit to Illinois, a White Castle was torn down and replaced with a Walgreens.  We weep for this loss, and feel responsible that we didn’t suppoprt White Castle enough!  Of course it is expensive.  Uncle Stosh stopped in White Castle #010082 at 1:03:54 pm and ordered 4 White Castle for $2.52, 1 medium order of fries for $1.39, and a small coca cola for $1.49.  Uncle Stosh remembers ordering a White Castle for $0.25 back in 1967.  Those were the days!

It tasted delicious, but tore a hole through Uncle Stosh’s food budget for the week!

So inflation is continuing to kick everyone in their butte!  Gasoline in Chicago was $3.59 a gallon in Illinois.  Fortunately, Uncle Stosh doesn’t own a car, so he won’t need to worry.  He’s waiting for his free VOLT from President Obama, and free health care, plus unemployment checks until he can draw social security.

Why don’t people get a raise on unemployment checks?  Why don’t people move to Mexico, so their Unemployment money goes a lot further?  It seems the USA force people to stay in this country just to collect unemployment!  Let us move to Mexico!  Anyway, tell your Senator, Congress Representative, Governor, State Senator, and State Representative to let us collect in Mexico!

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  1. hoboduke permalink*
    February 27, 2017 10:18 pm

    Reblogged this on Hoboduke Nonsense and commented:

    Dredged up this antique posting during the glory days of President Obummer reign. Now people expect to make enough with President Trump to drive to any White Castle they like! Happy Days are here again!

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