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We can’t use USA oil resources! B.O. invisible energy policy?

February 23, 2011
Who got some oil for USA? Why not talk to our citizens?

This is getting past silly.  We have been pledged, promised, that the oil and natural gas industries of the USA will be important for our increasing jobs, reducing dependence on crazy oil dictators, and reducing the cost of energy in the USA.  Why are we purposely driving families into poverty by increasing energy costs by reducing our own access to our own resources?

Of course, it will be hard to reduce the red tape, delays on the Energy Dept to review proposals, etc.  Lets imagine we are on the verge of war, right now.  Do we have time to enjoy beauracrat delays?  There is no reason to panic, but I would suggest a slightly quicker pace than “We’ll think about it, next year.” 
The brave and industrious people in the energy  companies that compete in the world’s most dangerous profession deserve our support.  Instead, we seem to blame them for the high energy prices that are the byproduct of regulations, redtape, expensive applications, etc.  I refuse to blame the people we want to make our lives less expensive for more energy.
Of course we know the answer to all our problems, can be solved with electric cars, pinwheels on our bicycles, and new lightbulbs.  Right?!  Trains, trucks, airplanes, and oh yes, employees plus employers use cars.  It seems we are helpless.  We use oil from tyrants and dictators that fund murder, torture and prisons slightly worse than Gitmo.  We have a clean conscience on all this, because we refuse to pollute the pristine wilderness nobody cares about in the frozen tundra well north of New York City.  I’m tired of us being the dupes giving money and bowing to these oil billionaires thanks to our money. 
We can create a few jobs, reduce our energy dependence, and oh yeah, if a real crisis appears, we might have a fighting chance  to keep vital services going.  Everyone laughed and belittled the slogan; “Drill, baby, drill!”.  However, the current energy policy doesn’t even rate a slogan.  They are asleep enjoying a long winter’s nap, as the world is threatening our delusions of buying our way out of trouble.
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