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Valentine’s Day changed the world!

February 12, 2011

Moran's gang got whacked, but we missed Mr Big!

Alfonso made Chicago the deadliest town in the world to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  But he did send a lot of flowers for the funerals.  The bait for the massacre by Capone was a shipment of Canadian whiskey arriving to the Moran garage.  But the big boss just had his crew on hand to get the goods. Instead they got murdered by Capone henchmen dressed as Chicago police.

 If Michelle Obama bans soft drinks, then we can have bootleg Mountain Dew!  Moms would meet in dark secret places to get their contraband 2 litre bottle.  President Obama has to sneak a smoke away from Michelle’s spying eyes.

The origin of St. Valentine is in martyrdom.  A Roman Catholic priest attempting to convert a believer in idolatory just happened to be a Caeser.  After being stoned and beaten to a bloody pulp with clubs, was then beheaded.  Most men know if they negelect to follow our St. Valentine tradition to express our affection and devotion to our true love, then we face worse!  So enjoy a Canadian Whiskey (they ignored our stupid Prohibition law done to satisfy busy body do gooders like Michelle), get some flowers, or it’s your funeral with no flowers.

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