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The secret is out “He quit!” Michelle tells all!

February 9, 2011

Never give up! Never surrender! Thanks Sir Winston!

Don’t you love to have your buddy’s wife go on and on about something great her husband promised her?  We know husbands always lie to their wives to get something in exchange.  Usually peace and quiet from nagging!  Sometimes, something more fun!

Michelle told the nation that we can celebrate her husband quit smoking!  He never buys cigarettes if he can mooch and bum a free one.  Who cares if he quits smoking?  Does he get a medal for this?  Nobody bugged Winston Churchill to quit smoking cigars while London was bombed into rubble, and the war was failing with mounting casualties.  We are more excited to learn how goes our battles that affect the entire country, not her family’s personal business.

Anyway, how do we know he really quit?  Now can we expect some reporter to track cartons of cigarettes shipped to some flunky on staff of White House?  Be a man, blow smoke in Michelle’s face and grab a New York strip steak with a beer!  Who wears the trousers in this White House?

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