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Superbowl 45 has to tip hat to BEARS!

February 6, 2011

Representative from Green Bay is token fan at Superbowl party of B.O.

This will be a great game with teams that are the royalty of the NFL.  I am a BEARS fan and grew up when Poppa Bear Halas was coaching the team.  His parting gift to Chicago was finding a BEARS replacement coach worthy of the mantle, “Iron Mike” Da Coach  Ditka!  The NFC championship game loss by my BEARS was bittersweet.

Proud that BEARS scrapped their way to the championship game.  Sorry they couldn’t win, but the PACKERS have my respect and admiration.  However, my BEARS saved the USA millions of dollars!  Our fearless leader B.O. won’t go to the Superbowl game.  That would have been a circus. That would have been expensive at our cost.

I pray that President will not do a USA multi million dollar superbowl ad with him catching a pass from Drew Brees while running over cute little kids.  That ad ruined my superbowl day last year.  Just enjoy your superbowl party with tofu, ginseng tea, and cauliflower courtesy of your nagging wife.

Reid Ribble has to endure this “fun” party as a guest since he’s from Green Bay area.  Chicago hot dogs, Chicago pizza, Chicago Italian beef sandwiches are awesome.  Green Bay bratwurst, Leinekugel HoneyWeiss beer, fried cheese curds are awesome!  None of that will be at “the party”. He won’t be getting any of that real fan stuff at White House.  With his luck he will sit next to Hillary Clinton to watch the game.  Spare me from that torture!  That would scare any terrorist into confessing.

Ribble deserves a special award for enduring such fun.  Ribble we salute you, and glad it’s you and not me!  Have fun? Just pretend you’re in Green Bay at sports bar row by Lambeau Field.

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