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Egypt can’t rely on USA just like Iran learned hard way.

January 29, 2011

Shah of Iran lost power by inept bungling of his "allies"

When the people of Iran were inflamed to anarchy, the Ayatollah set the stage to offer guidance and leadership through the religous power he wielded.  Of course President Carter set the stage with having the Ayatollah build his plan in exile in France while he worked his disruption to return triumphant.  Of course, the majority of the people of Iran want to live free and not under a religious despot.  However, USA did nothing as protestors and voters were set upon by the fanatic followers of the Ayatollah.  Thank you President Obama and Secretary Clinton for your sympathy for the slaughter.

Today we see a common scenario.  The Egypt leader is a predictable and willing leader working with the flood of oil dollars and Eurodollars from the USA and Europe.  The environmental sanctuary we proclaim for no special reason on our own oil reserves, increases the demand to import oil from the Middle East.  So it requires our leaders to go along and get along, to keep the oil flowing.  If we dare to drill for our own oil, then we will be sad and despairing on desecrating our land.  However, it’s fine for us to let other country’s keep their population as vassals or pawns of the government, so long as the oil keeps coming. 

We can help our fellow men and women in the Middle East by being more interested in their well being, then in taking their oil.  We have our own oil,so why not use it?  I think it would make a few jobs too!  Don’t think President Obama is any more competent than President Carter.  After all, he’s supporting the current Iran government by his treating them as equals on the world stage.

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