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Fearless Leader wants to beat Sputnik!

January 26, 2011

President Obama prepared to match technology of Sputnik 50 years later!

President Obama has a goal from his State of the Union speech for 2011.  We will beat Sputnik.  This satellite that launched 50 years ago from communist Russia has our President very concerned.  He takes this challenge seriously.  He may even consider funding NASA to have a space program by 2020.

President Obama does take comfort that we did put a man on the moon 40 years ago and takes credit for this major advance in technology.  It seems our President is lost in  a decade that precded his birth.  We know Michelle likes hoola hoops.  How about Slinky and tv dinners?

President Obama warned us that we can’t count on jobs for life, and yes he cautioned workers today about their pension.  Jobs for life?  Are you kidding?  That ended in the 1950’s.  Pensions?  Onlygovernment workers have that antiquated luxury.  We don’t know if he ever worked for a living, or if he has any buddies that ever worked.  It seems he is living in a Ozzie and Harriet world that never really existed even back in the 1950’s.

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