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MSNBC new superstar replacing Olbermann

January 25, 2011

Holy smoke from Da Coach Iron Mike Ditka!

You can’t get a better pedigree then being on sports broadcasting, just like Keith Olbermann.  Here comes Iron Mike!  He can intimidate, investigate, and yes he can pontificate!  MSNBC wants to take a new direction.

Some new concepts for news coverage are special focus programs.  “Celebrity sleepover”  “Lobbyist vacation packages”  and most exciting “Indicted and convicted public officials”  George Soros will invite a bunch of hoboes to sleep over at his mansion, and have a bonfire with wienies plus moonshine.  Nancy Pelosi will rate lobbyist vacations with her souveniers and photo albums.  Visiting prisons to see Illinois governor George Ryan, and congressman Dan Rostenkowski compares prison crafts with Martha Stewart.

Cigars, poker games with world leaders and Mike’s poker buddies, and plenty of liquor will make the Ditka the premiere news invitation.  The original pass the peace pipe ritual can be replaced by pass the humidor to select your favorite smoke.  Holy smoke!  The USA is ready for somebody who will never be “politically correct” in behavior.

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