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Fidel and buddy Nikita just wanted Florida!

January 24, 2011

Russia is going to the dogs?

Fidel and Nikita had plans for a nightclub together in Miami!

Nikita Kruschev and Fidel Castro had a top secret target during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  They wanted to claim Florida and open a communist nightclub in Miami.  Cuba has some awesome jazz musicians.  Certainly they have beautiful women who are awesome chorus line dancers.  Russian vodka, Cuban cigars, and a hot nightspot could have melted the cold war!

Anyway, they couldn’t agree on the name of the club.  Nik liked “Uncle Joes’s” for his boss Joe Stalin.  Fidel liked “Che’s Joint”  in honor of the revolutionary he bumped off to become boss.  Too bad, because it would have cost less than the military buildup and it would have been a lot of fun!

These secret files were sniffed out by Vladimir Putin’s top dog who has top security clearence to go anywhere.  Koni is beloved by Putin.  How about a dog night club?

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