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An Inconvenient Truth; Al Gore is missing!

January 23, 2011

Last of the red hot lovers!

Have you seen this man? Please help us save the world and find Al Gore!

The Nobel prize was awarded to Al “biscuits and gravy” Gore from Nashville.  This was in 2007.  What has he done since this distinguished award ceremony?  I must admit that this Nobel prize photo of Gore is creepy.  It seems more like a deranged mortician than a savior of the climate. 

Since he invented the internet, and established a financial house of cards for carbon credits, he has gone missing.  I accuse big oil for kidnapping the tree ring counter’s disappearence.  He is being held in a coal mine near Illinois to silence the voice of hysteria and paranoia.

Uncle Stosh and some other hobo elders are prepared to comb the hobo jungles until we find out who knows he’s missing.  Why has MSNBC been silent and complicit in his disappearence?  No guest appearence invitations on any television program has even been offered in the last 2 years!  Will Rupert Murdoch please invite Al to appear on Glen Beck?  It would be full of sound and fury signifying nothing.  2 dolts with rabid followers is amazing.  Keith Olbermann has now left the stage and Glen Beck is poised to be the only voice of reason in public electronic media.  That’s creepy.  He’s nuts!

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