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That’s a wrap! Exit stage left, dim the lights.

January 22, 2011

Right Wing conspirators are ruining the life of Keith O!

We mourn for news commentary with the tragic loss of Keith Olbermann as he leaves us bereft and abandoned.  MSNBC has lost a great sports commentator, and a dimwit on politics, as well as world current events.  There is always room for another hobo apprentice!  Uncle Stosh may hang out at Olbermann’s penthouse a few months to teach him the hobo trail.

Is Keith a victim of profiling?  Is Keith being hounded by the Rupert Murdoch billionaire conservative club?  Is Keith anoying and dumb?  Expect a pay per view special from Keith on all this and more.

This puts a lot of pressure on Chris Matthews to be the next loudmouth commentator who thinks he’s amusing.  Matthews leg is tingling again!

Keith can do a great job on sports play by play again in Green Bay Wisconsin for about $15,000 a year.  But he will have to wear a cheese wedge hat.

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