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Mongolia to reclaim China held by Genghis Khan!

January 21, 2011

They spared nobody as Gehngis Khan conquered China.

The Mongols are seeking legal recourse to reclaim their territory from the 13th century. 

It is interesting that under his rule, religious tolerance flourished with protection of rights. 

It is also interesting that in China, despite deadly persecution, the Christians increase to one of the major religions in a country that banned God or belief in relgion. 

These are times that need religious tolerance, and God’s blessings.  Those who purposely erase God from the local culture, face perils as terrible as Genghis Khan’s conquering hordes.

The least we can do is create a Genghis Khan University in Bejing to promote multi cultural understanding.

The Mongols so loved President “W” Bush that they have a horse kept for his beck and call upon his return.  These are times that need men with courage and a love of Mongols!

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