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Is it possible our PLAYBOY will return?

January 10, 2011

Hugh Hefner the ancient PLAYBOY is alive!

It was a big deal to publicly display sexually provocative pictures in a maagazine on a public news stand back in the 1960″s!  Hugh Hefner kicked open the door to the sexual revolution in the 1950’s with launching PLAYBOY magazine.   As any sex starved bachelor, he had more dreams then real money to be a wealthy jet setting playboy.  However, he gave a glimpse into a world of exciting nightclub life, and buxom all American girls blooming in the flesh!  There also was a sense of humor in the tweaking of prudes through hilarious cartoons, and pinup art of idealized womanhood.

Now here we are in the new millenium, the new century, and the new decade with octogenarian Hefner reclaiming his dream world.  I welcome his efforts.  The world of PLAYBOY included the clubs that were more of an adult Disney World.  No pornography, no sexual pandering, and no flesh market activity were ever allowed in the clubs.  His nude photography was more role playing and imagination, then a gynecological close up.

I don’t know if you can ever go back.  However, I wish him good luck on his new lease on life.  The young men of the USA, and some of us old timers will enjoy seeing the USA regain some sexual mojo.  However, he does need to have a professional money manager.  He drained the company with his excessive self indulgence with the legendary PLAYBOY mansion of Chicago that partied with the in crowd from the ’60’s and 70’s.  His migration to California with the PLAYBOY west mansion seemed to coincide with the brand and the audience slipping.

As a young bacherlor in Chicago I often wandered the street on the North Loop neighborhood to see the stars hopping out of cabs and limousines to dash up the steps to his mansion front door.  I should have become a papparazzi to make a few bucks back then.  His daughter Christie gave it a good try, but she never could run the company to make a nickel, or have any fun for the public.  Good luck Hugh!

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