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Mommy, can I play with Zachary by Elton John’s?

December 30, 2010

Proud parents Elton John & David Furnish adopt "Zachary"!

Children are children around the world.  However, parents are protective grizzly bears to quote Sarah Palin, and she’s right.  If my boys knew half the wars their mom was ready to start because she felt her boys were being done wrong, they would be shocked.  That’s why I keep my guns locked.   Anyway, playmates for Zachary may have some protective normal parents who have a real mom and dad.  This pretend pair of parents are playing at being parents in between their other priorities.  Parents are parents and are ready to intervene day or night to protect their children at any cost or inconvenience.

Quite sure Zachary will lead a life of indulgence and privilege.  However, it is hard to be a child if you are not really parented.  Elton and David will most likely pay for a nanny to handle the parenting chores.  They will just want to be with Zachary when dressed up like a doll baby.  Changing diapers and midnight feedings won’t  be be their primary interest.

Being an only child offers challenges to growing up.  Most families can have another child naturally.  Elton and David may have to go baby shopping again for a sibling. 

Playmates for Zachary may be a little confused on where’s mom?  Zachary may be confused on visiting playmates to see a mom and dad.  I don’t think I care to observe this disturbing family combination, and I will pray for Zachary for his safe passage through his childhood.

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