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Michael Moore made record SICKO ticket sales in Cuba?

December 20, 2010

Michael Moore stands by SICKO propaganda for Cuba!

The heroic efforts of Wikileaks has pissed off Michael Moore . Moore  had thrown all his considerable weight behind supporting illegal stolen information posted, unless it was about him!  It seems the Cuba propagands department prohibited the showing of SICKO because it would inflame the little island popluation to riot.  Cuba officials knew the model health facility Michael used as his centerpiece, was a showpiece and did not remotely resemble actual healthcare available.

The average citizen of Cuba lives without hope of ever seeing that hospital in the movie.  Mike we salute your grandiose self inflated importance on your contributions to misinformation.

Michael may need to do an expose on the conspiracy to make him fat and obnoxious.  I would hate to be stuck at his dinner table.  You would have to fight to protect your dinner as he inhaled his food.  And he would keep rambling on about his rich and privileged life as a failed comic/documentary producer.  His facts are funny, but his movies are boring, predictable, and will soon be in the WalMart dollar bin.

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