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Christmas celebrates the world being saved with baby Jesus!

December 10, 2010

Zeus in better days in his throne built by patricians.

On a cold winter’s night in a barn with animals, the son of God was born.
The atheists can’t stop the hands of God at work on earth.

We look forward to celebrating Christmas.  The world was waiting to be set free.  Just like some of the simples minds of today, a conquering king was expected to lay waste to all in power that held down slaves and the nomadic Jews.  The baby Jesus did not seem like an all powerful threat to the armies of the tyrant leaders.  Was this a joke?  How can a baby save the world that is helpless and poor himself?

It seems that what the opressor tyrants could not do to kill the baby Jesus, is being replaced by the efforts of atheists today to hide the baby as if Jesus was never born.  Why?  What is the threat to the supremely self confident, self made brilliant thinkers of atheism from people celebrating the birth of a baby?

Despair kills the mind and the soul.  Despair is contrary to the purpose of man in realizing our potential as we develop our gifts and talents.  Atheists want to kill hope, as they continue to ban celebrating Christmas.  Why do we listen to atheists and seek to placate their self induced outrage on a global event?  Christmas is a time to celebrate life, and the promise to live free from opression and persecution of our beliefs.

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