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Congratulations to the chess champion of the world!

December 5, 2010

Former world champion Kasparov atop World Trade Center with Anand in 1995.

As we approach the end of a eventful year, it is fitting to give a champion his due!  Viswanathan Anand has triumphed in his championship match with Veselin Topalov.  Both are stellar chess players at a level that is hard to understand.  As a plodding player, I realize some of the effects, but still am murky on seeing the causes of their moves.  The courage to fight an adversary at this level of chess is a defining moment in the life of a chess player.

The game that settled the match was a win using the black pieces for Anand.  I know from many many losses with my attacking with black, that you are on a razor’s edge between victory and defeat with black.

The lessons of chess are the lessons of life.  People are united in their love of games.  Chess is a game that invites the best and brightest in every country to seek their full potential.  I love playing the children who are starting their pilgrimage for a lifelong journey.  As we grow and mature, if we keep playing games, then we remain young at heart, but crafty, cunning, and lethal as veteran players!

I look forward to 2011 as the younger masters continue their quest to become a champion!  On top of the world is the best we as mere mortals can achieve!  The spring championship match for 2011 will be a great tournament, and the ascent to qualify is well underway. It is a great future for our chess players, and those of us who enjoy chess at our level of understanding.

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