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Get real! Or do you want artificial?

December 3, 2010

Is it real, or is it artificial rat?

We have damn few choices in life.  However, it’s simple at buying groceries.  You can choose natural or real food, or artificial.  There are artificial flavors in too many food products.  Artifical sweeteners, food dyes, food chemicals for flavors, and the list goes on.  It’s actually more work to get natural foods.  Even food packaging like canned products have some type of plastic coating inside lining the can to make it easier for the big machines cramming food into these cans.

How about people?  Do you want real people or artificial people?  I’m not talking about entertainment with people portraying characters, but people who choose to become artificial?  Politicians may pop into mind as one category of people that create an artificial biography.  Their public face is more like a mask, and at some point you have to wonder if they have lost themselves in their artificial creation?

Anyway, when I see the cast of characters still wandering about Washington D.C. in 2010, I feel confused.  Charlie Rangel wants sympathy and pity for his predicament.  We might have feelings for a real genuine person.  However, he has paraded around pompously as a potentate for so long, nobody knows him for real.  Nancy Pelosi has a cheery disposition after the nation thumbed their nose at her.  Our President has never ever given a glimpse of the real man behind the role.  I know some smart guys that take an hour to explain why they got a cold, but they stutter a lot.  I got no patience on avoiding some simple answers.  He likes to explain what is happening in Washington D.C. like he is a reporter for a college newspaper.  He’s the President, and it would seem he has some ideas, some priorities that are his ideas.  Why can’t he tell us short and simple what he plans on doing?  He’s not real, he’s artificial.  Like food packaging with artificial checmicals, he pours out long multi syllable words that nobody knows or understands.

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