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Canada gave us Leslie Nielsen, thank you and God bless.

November 29, 2010

There will be laughter in heaven this week.

Don’t tell the devil Leslie snuck out!

As a kid I loved FORBIDDEN PLANET.  Still watch it  more for the story than the effects.  Leslie Nielsen was effective in the movie, including his confrontation with the secret villain near the end.  AIRPLANE was goofy, and he was happy in the role of a ham quipster.  Enjoyed WRONGFULLY ACCUSED mostly because of Richard Crenna being the adrenalin high lead investigator snapping meaningless commands as a foil to Nielsen’s inept search for the truth.

Mostly, Leslie Nielsen kept silly comedy alive and center stage with no apologies to the “serious art” mindset that makes boring depressing drug user, psycho abused killer art films.  I still cry laughing at the baseball game bits of him singing as an opera star and then a crazy umpire! 

It seems we have nobody to kick Doctor Gloom in the butt, and confuse Professor Doom lecturing us on the inevitable end of our civilization.  What civilization?

God bless Nielsen’s family, and I am grateful he added joy to a dismal dreary world.

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