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Unstoppable is awesome!

November 28, 2010

Diesel engineer control station has more power than 200 semi trucks.

This move demonstrates the heroic backbone of ethical and moral blue collar workers.  Denzel Washington is unassuming and understated in the challenges life heaped on his shoulders.  Frank Barnes is a man reconciled to the bad luck and bad breaks that he has endured.  However, he is not beaten or broken down.  He has vitality and fire in his belly.  Chris Pine is perfect on character Will Colson.  He is flawed, fiery, and has a chip on his shoulder about his life.  Frank Barnes provides some fatherly unwelcome advice during their odyssey of adventures on what was to be a boring routine day at work.

Rather than bore you with all of the perfectly cast characters, let me tell you that railroad work is dangerous.  It remains dangerous to this day.  These are unsung hero types who battle blizzards, dangerous cargo, and of course the demanding work schedules designed to reamin profitable as business. 

The commercial rail business has kept our economy moving.  No government handouts, and not much interest in helping them.  Burlington Northern built a 2nd continental rail line from east to west without a mention in commercial media.  This was completed 5 years ago using their own money.  This was a massive project that didn’t merit any public mention?  Oh well, unsung hero types is the American tradition.

These are men that I know, we know in our lives.  When the situation arises, they do no flinch or run away.  They take initiative, aware of the risk and dangers they face.  The bigger motivator is to protect from harm the helpless populace with potential death and devestation roaring down the rail line through town.

I’m a railroad nut from watching the huge locomotives roar past my parent’s kitchen window.  You could feel the ground tremble, and hear the roar.  The massive shipping the rail lines carry keep the USA going without a moment’s thought, other than the irritation of waiting by rail crossings.  The railroad is the reason we have a United States connected well before highways and airplanes were invented.

You have to enjoy this movie, that will have you jump out of your chair and flinch with the uncertainty of all the dangers from a massive freight train.   Of course there are heroes, villains, and a ending that makes sense.

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