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Alert, our President has stiff upper lip!

November 27, 2010

Obama should play Barney Frank at hoops to feel better.

In my youth played some street ball in Chicago on the asphalt paved parking lots with a steel backboard and rim without net.  Lots of injuries and some pissed off players that pulled out a knive if they didn’t like losing.  At the old Navy Pier you held the privilege to play court # one if you could best the hood players that were awesome.  Anyway, it is physical contact basketball.

Our President has to learn not to block a player with his face.  The hispanic offsenive player had his shooting elbow far out to clear a perimeter as he jumped up for his shot.  President got a fat lip.  President’s team forfeited the game.  No word on how much money was riding on the game. 

So his stitches remind me of the great Cuban basketball leader, Fidel Castro.  Killing his rival Chavez did not diminish how the people loved Fidel who is a sports nut.  He played basketball and it was televised on Cuban TV.  Of course, nobody dared elbow Fidel in the lip, or be found dead the next day. 

It seems Obama is not an intimidator on the basketball court.  He probably never played street ball, or mixed it up with the Navy Pier players who took no prisoners playing basketball.

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