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New national holiday; “Bitch & Whine Day”

November 26, 2010

Well, I never seen such a bunch of miserable whiners in my life!

One of these days…POW to the moon!

Yes, our country needs to vent our frustrations in a positive way.  It is destructive to act out our agressive feelings of hostility.  Why’ we’ve campaigned severals wars because we got upset about getting attacked and killed.  We need to take a deep collective breath, and sing “We are the world, we are the children”.

Our President has complained about George W Bush on what he should have done.  It would be nice if our President B.O. would do what he said he should do.  But we know, he’s busy bitching about Bush.

Joe Biden has complained about how dumb and lazy the voters were to vote in Democrats in 2010.  It seems only the Republicans voted?  The Republicans are the minority party in this country so how could only Republicans vote in so many Republicans?  Math was never the strong suit of oratorical Joe.

Harry Reid got  enough votes to strut around like a monarch in rags.  And Granny Pelosi will have more time to hunt TEA nazis she saw at them town hall meetings.  It’s time to take a deep breath, and count to ten.

We done so many bad things in a wrong way, there’s not enough words to set it straight.  We need a national day of “Bitching and Whining” to vent all these evil deeds.  We will encourage everyone to stand in the town square to rant and rail against the morons, losers, and awful people past and present.  It will be great, and will lead to some great fights for entertainment.  Boxing and kicking is okey, but no biting.

The hobo jungle will seem pretty tame, and if you go to town on Bitching and Whining day better bring a good hiking stick to beat away the bitchers and whiners.  President Obama hereby proclaim bitching and whining day to be the day after Christmas.  Of course, the atheists will have priority on raising hell. For Christs’s sake, don’t forget to let them Muslim terrorist talk, too!

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