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Death panel at Medicare is now in place!

November 19, 2010

B.O. is proud to sign death sentence for my pal.

Achtung, attention those entering Medicare coverage have fewer chances of living.  My buddy is helping his wife battle the big C.  She was on a designer drug that was keeping her alive since January.  This July he got the good word.  With the new Healthcare legislation, Medicare will NOT PAY FOR HER CANCER MEDICINE ANYMORE!  You’re on your own, good luck.

Let’s take this one more step.  If you have the misfortune of having cancer, then your doctor WILL NOT INFORM YOU OF THIS DRUG!  Why?  Because it won’t get paid by Medicare so why build up your hopes, and dash them all at once?  Medicare will let you die without the opportunity of staying alive.

At this point, I got nothing else to say.  I was stunned, and saddened that she won’t get treatment, that Medicare did approve and she received for 6 months.  Healthcare bill stops all options, and nobody to help on this.  So we don’t even get to talk to a death panel.  Just some nameless bureaucrat somewhere made a guideline that lets people die.

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