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What we need is a vacation from our President!

June 18, 2010

Tip of my hat to master of mayhem!

Print me more money! We’re broke!


Our President went to Ohio because he could find 20 guys working on a road project that cost us a couple of trillion dollars.  It would be nice to think we’re not out of our  money already, but he wants more money to spend.  What did we get for a couple trillion dollars?  We know we got a road project in Ohio!  

Anyway, I got B.O. fatigue.  Suggest our President take a nap, take another vacation, and golf more.  Our country does a lot better when he doesn’t help us.  Maybe he can go around the world to apologize some more on what bad stuff we did before he became our fealress leader.Like Lou Costello, “I was a very bad boy!”  I loved Lou Costello, and wish we had someone that could replace his magic touch that lifted a lot of weary hearts.  

Our treasury can create a lot of money.  It can’t create value.  We as citizens of this country create value.  The money waster in D.C. can’t create a private economy job, and our treasury wants money from the private economy.  They are doing a great job of ensuring we won’t have many jobs for Christmas 2010.  My Christmas present will arrive in November when America changes the crew in congress and senate.  President will find some new faces.

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