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Ho, ho, hobo holiday traditions!

December 17, 2009

This is a great time of year for hobo traditions!  It is time to offer a few tips for tenderfoot hobo trainees.  We got over 7 million without a job, and they will be celebrating their 1st real hobo Christmas.

Uncle Stosh agreed to offer his expertise for a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.  Normally, he refuses to help for nothing less than a gallon jug of Paisano red wine.   The most important gift is a good hat.  Most of your body heat is lost through your head, and this winter a hat is not just a decoration!  GoodWill or Kohl’s has plenty to suit your personality and your hobo wardrobe.

Forget about a home with a yule log, go to the hobo jungle with logs stacked for a burning pyre.  Forget about a Christmas tree, but you can wear a ornament to carry the Christmas spirit with you.  The portable feast of string cheese wrapped with a beef stick is great to travel with several packs stuffed in your pockets.  A can of beans and a can of spam has to fit into your travel sack or small back pack along with a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, and a flask of Jack Daniels.

Modern hobo manners is to hide your status from relatives and friends as you pretend that you fooled everybody on your dire straits.  But nobody wants to hurt a hobo illusion of well being, so expect most to play along with your fantasy of well being for Christmas.  It’s usually a kid that blurts out what is obvious to everyone.

What’s important to keep the dream alive of a better new year, than where a hobo is this year.  The future is not written, and yesterday is old news.  Merry Christmas, and God bless our hobo tenderfoots learning hobo traditions.

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