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Hunting to feed the hungry in Wisconsin.

November 21, 2009

As men and, yes, some women have their own hunting camps, it is the highlight of fall, gun hunting season for deer.  The bow hunters got their chance ahead of this and did well.  Many hunters donate their deer for feeding the hungry and public pantries.  It’s a fact that there are more hungry and homeless than ever.  We wish our hunters good hunting to feed our hungry!

Thanksgiving might find a few come home after dark for a camp update, and some holiday festing.  But most stay at camp!  None of the camps qualify to be a Martha Stewart feature!  Hoboe’s stay at better joints!

There are many signs that it is deer hunting seasons.  The liquor stores and convenience stores have been cleaned out of Pabst Blue Ribbon, brandy, and beef jerky this week all across Wisconsin.  The ladies are planning their shopping trips, and a few cocktail parties of the deer widows!  Ammunition is in short supply, and more playing cards have been bought too!

Bird watchers and nature lovers know that it is not safe to walk in the woods, and some farmers even spray some blaze orange paint on their cows so they don’t get shot!  Gunfire popping, tall tales get repeated, and some guys get pretty smelly over 2 weeks! 

The high schools have no boys.  They are all carrying rifles and ready to bag their 1st buck!  We see trucks everywhere with gun racks stacked and blaze orange jacks and caps in the back.  Even when you go see the Packers play in Green Bay on Sunday, you will find pick up trucks with a gutted deer in the back drive past Lambeau field.  After storing away their carcass, they march in triumphant,  smelly and bloody for beer, and tailgate grub.  This is life in the north woods of Wisconsin.  Greatest place on earth to live life!



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