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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Be Prepared for 9/11/2014

August 25, 2014

Thursday September 11, 2014 will be 13 years since USA was attacked by Islamic terrorists. There is a lot of real concern on significant attacks within USA on this anniversary date. Our folks at Homeland Security are invisible and mute for us citizens who care.

The flood of undocumented illegal aliens marching across our border by Mexico has gone on for years. Our commercial news media are tired of reporting on this ongoing security crisis. Our Homeland Security officials are not improving our security. Hundreds of terrorists are free to walk into our country and move around our country. We still don’t keep track of foreign visitor visa population!

We need to be prepared to defend our individual home towns. The federal lax approach means we are on our own. FEMA has been continually alerting every family to prepare for emergencies. I would view multiple terrorist attacks across our country like the Boston Marathon bombing as a real emergency. Telling people to stay in their homes to avoid being shot by police is a real emergency.

Our military experts are being ignored and told to shut up on terrorist threats. Who is irritated at the military sharing warnings to USA? It’s not the terrorists upset at our top military. It seems our White House does not want any mention of the icebergs as our ship of state looks more like the “unsinkable” Titanic! Our fearless leader is so damn smart, he is muzzling our warriors who have won battles and wars. I do not trust or feel safer with a golfer in chief.

Keep your eyes open, and do prepare. Each of us may find we are on our own with police and emergency services occupied. The safest place for citizens are on the golf course our president is playing. The security forces will all be there.

Public relation press leaks to brag about our secret operations kills those involved.

Public relation press leaks to brag about our secret operations kills those involved.

We need Will Rogers again!

August 23, 2014

The rope twirling native American from the last century knows more about our problems than talking heads on television. Will Rogers has a few words of wisdom to share, and reading about his life reveals why the people of the USA love men like him.

“If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out?”

“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment!”

“Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we paid for!”

“I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.”

“Last year we said; ‘Things can’t go on like this’, and they didn’t. They got worse!”

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

His contributions to our country included his passion for aviation and the defense of our land with a real air force. He kept the country laughing through the Depression. His poking fun at the pompous politicians kept the folks chuckling instead of lynching.

Read about Will Rogers. It’s worth the time.

Wise cracking super roper Will Rogers.

Wise cracking super roper Will Rogers.

Mission with no name is Operation ZIP

August 13, 2014
Bergdahl parents & president paid ransom by releasing terrorists going to Isis.

Who says our president can’t keep a secret? Sure he blabbed about Seal Team 6 killing Osama Bin Laden. Sure he had Hollywood folks with no security clearance wander through the inner sanctum of CIA to make his movie on this “secret” mission. We have a secret mission that is very hush hush!

This diplomatic strategy is so secret it has no name. It has no operation plan. It has no goal. It has no instructions to military. It has nothing. It is how our president wings it.

Our fearless leader just realized that Iraq terrorists known as Isis or Isil are taking over the country we died liberating. These sadists enjoy torturing, beheading, raping, killing, and taunting how they are invading USA next. It seems our president discovered this on the news. He has been ignoring requests for assistance from Iraq, and ignored military warnings from Pentagon and ignored CIA alerts on stopping Isis from last year! Why didn’t Biden, Kerry, Hagel and Michelle tell him to wake up on losing Iraq? He learns about stuff in the news. But he doesn’t need to learn stuff by the news, because he knows it all already. But he has a war with no name and the news media doesn’t want to go there to cover it anyway. President is giving world a migraine headache!

General Schwarzkopf laughed at Saddam Hussein threat of killing USA in "mother of all wars"!

General Schwarzkopf laughed at Saddam Hussein threat of killing USA in “mother of all wars”!

Putin blockade empties grocery stores

August 8, 2014

As a KGB thug, Vladimir Putin does know how to make Russia citizens unhappy! His threat to USA is blockade of our agriculture products import. The young millennials in Russia do not know the misery of life during days of Kruschev. Grocery shelves now, today in Russia look like during the days of Kruschev.

In response to the additional economic sanctions on Russia because of the Ukraine invasion, Putin dismissed importance of food products from European Union and USA. That is why the grocery stores in Russia quickly sold out inventory of these products. The people in Russiado not enjoy Russian staples alone!

Yes, Russian vodka and caviar are awesome but don’t feed a Russian family! “Collectivized Agriculture” are government farms taken from families and run by bureaucrats terribly. Back in the 1980’s people were given permission to raise their own food on small plots. These private gardens out produced the massive collective farms!

Anyway, the new generation in Russia know that police and government officials are corrupt to make a better income. They are bending the law to get ahead, because there is no law in Russia. They do enjoy western products and Putin now has made everyone mad. You can’t eat propaganda. You can’t feed a family with propaganda.

Kruschev bumbled and blustered on the world stage, as he squeezed and killed Russian dissent. Russian families had miserable food, miserable working conditions, and saw life as miserable. The new generation in Russia will not be sitting and taking it.

volunteers for Congress vacation!

July 27, 2014

Vacation time is drawing near for our representatives in Congress. August recess is a challenge on which lobbyist trip to accept. There is the shame of not getting any invitation to a lobbyist paid trip!

The hobo population of this great country want to offer a all expense paid trip to all you folks in Congress. Hop a freight train to the Hobo jungle! We will entertain you with hobo poetry, Mulligan stew by our bon fire, and sleep under the stars.

Some of the Congress folk on the all expense paid lobbyist trips might need a traveling buddy. The hobo nation will send a traveling companion to share the burden of a luxury vacation.

We have volunteered to help our president on his fund raising trips, but he wants us to pay CASH! Is this America? Put it on my tab!

We wish we could see the vacation pictures! However, they are highly classified and will never be seen.

Will Rogers observed that; “The American taxpayer keeps sending Congress men on expensive trips abroad. It might be worth it, except they keep coming back?!”

The president that saved the USA economy and stopped Russia!

The president that saved the USA economy and stopped Russia!

Happy Days may come again?

July 24, 2014

graph USA misery
The young millennial citizens in USA have endured the worst economy of their life. The stimulus spending by our fearless leader in the Economic Recovery Act led to nothing. Money went into Democrat union employees in government jobs and the “shovel ready jobs” talk was only hot air. Less jobs, more costs for living, and more regulations with fees and fines have been adding to the burdens weighing down on our citizens.

When our president can brag about only wasting billions of fraud in food stamp money last year, you know this country has a loser in White House. So celebrate that your tax dollars are being wasted in a good way?

I am curious to see the 2014 election turn out for millennials. Will they bother to vote? Willy they vote by their pocket book (which is pretty empty)? I expect that they are smarter than the politicians trying to brag about the progress in our economy since Obama is president.

This graph says it all. The folks in the USA are tough and not giving up. We don’t need to keep going this same way. We can change leadership!

Bad credit? No credit? Get your car at RAT HOLE CAR LOT!

July 21, 2014

People in desperate financial trouble are always good prospects to get robbed by a bank! Check out this report in New York Times.

Folks that lost it all in 2008, get a 2nd chance to get robbed again! You hear the advertising screaming on the radio at you. “NO CREDIT? BAD CREDIT? Come to me, because everybody gets a car!” Yes the BIG BANKS are involved in some new illegal, unethical, and fraudulent loans for cars. The USA has the majority of car loans for 4 years or longer!? A rat hole car lot pays commission money for sales people pushing the overpriced used cars with the promise of a “loan”! The loan is USURY at rates that used to be illegal. 25%? 30%? If you got a loan for over 2 years, then the interest is more than double your overpriced car! So you get a rat hole car that needs money to fix, with a loan that you can’t pay on a loan application filled out by the salesman with FALSE information on income to qualify!

So it is clear to me that the so called TOO BIG TO FAIL banks have criminals managing their operations. These car loan forms are accepted with lies from salesman on income. Salesman lies to sucker on size of payment due. Customer gets the car, and gets the payment statement from bank. Yes, you thought you were poor before this car. Now, you are destitute!

Our Attorney General will extort from TOO BIG TO FAIL banks “settlements” for billions. You name the crime, and Holder happy to stop prosecution for extortion of billions. So coming in next few years will be the Attorney General acting shocked on these car scam loans. I am in favor of forcing the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors to actually WORK on helping the people robbed by car scam. Of course the protestors were fake street people paid to act upset.

USED CARS made fun of car lots because we know we get taken!

USED CARS made fun of car lots because we know we get taken!

Russia bear is being goaded by fearless leader

July 16, 2014

US imposes restrictions on Russia to ban them access to financial transactions. This is lighting a fuse. This means the aggression and retaliation by Russia can escalate quickly and without predictability. It appears that our president is prepared to face Russia alone in retaliations to his new restrictions. Our allies are watching but not participating in this latest retaliation against Russia.

The sanction escalation by USA can lead to armed conflict suddenly. So it seems a bad idea to be reducing our military strength in soldiers as well as armaments. But we know that our president has a plan to handle Russia. He has a pen and a phone! Obama seems on schedule to ignite a global war by his inept fumbling, delaying, and strange silence to countless acts of aggression against our allies.

This would be a good time to prepare your home for the inconvenience of a global war. We won’t get hit by nuclear rockets where I live. So we will need to stock up to survive a world war. I don’t expect to welcome the Russian and Chinese military when they storm onto our shores. This might be a more serious threat than “climate change”?

It might surprise Obama and Biden that Russia and China might not answer the phone when the war starts. We could not have a more weak ineffective secretary of defense than Hagel. This crew has ridiculed and beat down real military leaders to build up LGBT gay pride events and parades. We saw how brilliant Iraq exit worked out as well as Libya meddling. They don’t know how to handle success by winning. Military won battles and wars, and White House turned it into disaster and loss. President can have Bergdahl as recruiting poster for building patriotic morale?

Putin at military planning council in China.  They are planning a picnic for USA.

Putin at military planning council in China. They are planning a picnic for USA.

Good news for Israel, Obama “may negotiate peace deal”!

July 15, 2014

Our fearless leader did not say this to his groupies in the commercial reporters pool. John Kerry said that our president is willing to get involved in negotiating a peace deal between Hamas and Israel. What a bold visionary we have in White House.

We know that his peace deals in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, and Ukraine are priceless. More accurately his deals are WORTHLESS! Allies like Poland have told everybody that our value as ally is WORTHLESS and a waste of time.

It seems that Egypt set up a cease fire that Hamas ignored. Who or what is Hamas? Is this a country, a cult, or bunch of terrorists?

Kerry as well as Clinton set up foreign policy with our president that leads us nowhere and doing nothing. Of course, the squandering of billions in foreign hand outs to Hamas continues at full speed. If we ended such foreign “aid” of billions, maybe we could reduce our debt? We could save quite a bit if we kept both Obama and Kerry at home to do NOTHING!

Israel pretends to appreciate the “support” of USA as an ally. That is diplomacy to lie and make it a compliment!

Sgt Bergdahl parents with president announcing ransom paid from Rose Garden.

Sgt Bergdahl parents with president announcing ransom paid from Rose Garden.

Mutiny on “The Good Ship Lollipop”

July 7, 2014

Texas Representative Sheila Jackson is the lollipop queen! She took a big bag of lollipops to the Texas detention camp of illegal aliens. Representative Sheila did her contribution to help these kids by passing out some lollipops! Life is so easy. Pass out lollipops and leave. Thanks for your deep commitment and compassion Sheila Jackson. Of course, she had to go on and on how she bought lollipops and handed them out. Come to the USA and get lollipops!

It’s been 60 years since the USA fell in love with Shirley Temple and her child star movies. One of the best known songs is “On the Good Ship Lollipop”. Sheila Jackson is no Shirley Temple. I can only hope Sheila did not attempt to entertain the captive audience in the detention center by singing and dancing.

Every town that gets the surprise package of illegal aliens get no advance notice. Our brilliant administration just shoves these kids around by planes and buses with no plan. At some point these kids will not be happy with just a lollipop! We can expect a mutiny if all they get are lollipops.

The depth of thought on the dimwit good hearts that welcome illegal aliens is to pass out candy lollipops. Forget about the towns overwhelmed with too many kids being dumped in their community. Forget about the idea of keeping track of where these kids are shipped. Our president purposely keeps disorganized to frustrate any attempts of repairing the damage already done.

Shirley Temple was America's sweetheart singing "On the Good Ship Lollipop"!

Shirley Temple was America’s sweetheart singing “On the Good Ship Lollipop”!

What about Chicago refugees?

July 6, 2014

We are to feel guilt on denying illegal aliens refuge in USA. Yes, they faced gunfire from drug cartels. Yes, they could die any day in their neighborhood. What makes you think USA is better? Think I’m joking? Chicago is no joke.

Chicago Sun Times has a report they update on website titled “Homicide Watch Chicago”. This has to tear your heart out. These are families living in poor neighborhoods and they can’t get sanctuary as a refugee from South America gets by sneaking into USA. Why not let these families in Chicago leave for some safe zone? They can’t afford to leave. USA ignores Chicago massacre!

These are our citizens dying! We just have the usual “ban legal guns” nonsense. How does this save lives of these dying under gang gunfire? How can grandchildren and grandparents be killed without a ripple of concern? How many of our future leaders are being killed? Great students and athletes are being murdered without any concern? This is not only sad. This is a outrage and destroying our country!

Wake up Senator Durbin! What have you done for your state’s blood bath and Chicago carnage?

The NAACP should be marching on Chicago! The vast majority of those killed are black Afro-Americans! The Chicago Sun Times web site makes it personal. Each victim has a personal profile with photo of another lost life. Each person has their location of murder and a few details on facts known or not known on how murder happened.

171 murders in Chicago for 2014 is a DECREASE!

As a native of Chicago, I know those neighborhoods. I played basketball with some amazing players from those areas at the Chicago Navy Pier when they had a basketball gymnasium. Of course, progress sold that land for commercial development and one little benefit in a hard life was taken away by Chicago. Court 1 was for the awesome great players. Courts 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 let you step on if you had game. I was a court 6 player. Tall, slow, and mediocre shot, but I love basketball! We laughed at the trash talk coming from all the courts that was pretty funny. That gym was a dump with a leaking roof, lousy bath rooms but great wooden floors and solid hoops.

Our president is proposing we give $2 billion for the illegal alien “refugee” crisis. That is a budget of $40,000 to each of 50,000 sneaking into USA. Cut that in half and lets get our refugees in Chicago some help. We are letting our citizens die surrounded by gang battles and drug dealers.

Damian Williams worked at Jewel warehouse and was picking up dinner for family when killed.

Damian Williams worked at Jewel warehouse and was picking up dinner for family when killed.

Click “I accept”

July 2, 2014

Do you add software updates? Do you remember the 15 pages of text you didn’t read on downloading? Of course nobody reads it. The lawyers at every company have you click I ACCEPT. Do we really need to surrender all legal rights to challenge or restrict conditions of usage?

Of course, companies can deflect lawsuits by their digital copy of “I ACCEPT” on file. I am weary of being lawyered up everywhere on everything we touch.

Now in the recent news, towns are refusing to become the holding pen for illegal alien kids. The federal government can pretend this is mandatory. Citizens are blocking roads and making it clear to keep these kids out of my town. Does this solve anything? Yes, it keeps kids we didn’t invite out of our towns that don’t want them! Our president can claim the law forces him to keep the kids. Really?! It seems he has no problem ignoring laws he don’t like. NOW HE HAS TO OBEY THE LAW ON ILLEGAL KID ALIENS?

We don’t accept! Is anybody listening?

Kids with disease, lice, and contagious swine flu are not our problem. You sitting next to one of these kids on your airplane, or sitting at your bus station should not be forced onto us citizens.
Citizens blocking roads, waving flags and banners are standing up for their town and their rights to have some say on their town. Our country is fed up with just rolling over with “I accept” whatever our president shoves into our towns.

We the people do not want illegal aliens!

We the people do not want illegal aliens!

Remember 4th of July!

June 29, 2014

Our country started from very humble origins. The people here were outcasts for devout Christian beliefs that did not match the state religion in England. We had indentured servants under contract to property owners in England. The wealth of the colonies was created by the hard work and personal sacrifice of pilgrims. Soon the concept of freedom began to grow, because we were enduring the hardships and surviving on our own. All we got from England were taxes and more restrictions and regulations.

Just consider our country today. We the people have patriots who are very young in our military. Our Viet Nam veterans saw their sacrifice as meaningless after the country was lost. Our Iraq veterans are seeing their sacrifice as meaningless as that country slips into chaos. Our leadership in Washington D.C. is more interested in taxes, restrictions, and regulations to tie down our citizens.

Would we ever dare to declare our Independence today? We the people stand ready. Our White House likes to talk about freedom as defined by foreign governments through the United Nations. We did not sacrifice for our family and lose loved ones in battle to preserve the UN. We are the USA.

We all are heirs of the American Revolution. We are all protectors of our Constitution and we all are proud of our Declaration of Independence. We need to celebrate the 4th of July! We need to preserve our freedoms and challenge those who claim to do our thinking for us!

It is time to remember who we are! We are free. We can’t say we want to be free. We have to fight to remain free. Don’t do us any favors by tearing down the protections of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights! I don’t care to see my rights destroyed by using a pen and a phone.

Our country was founded by farmers, tradesmen, and Christians.  Minute Man is we the people!

Our country was founded by farmers, tradesmen, and Christians. Minute Man is we the people!

Warning! USA weary of failure and scandals.

June 25, 2014

The Nixon Watergate days did not feel good. A lot of us endured a terrible economy with high unemployment and high inflation. We had low morale and not a lot of hope for a better tomorrow. The political storm of Watergate kept me busy at work at Time, Inc. as a production manager for the magazine in Chicago. I would get the phone call on many weekends to “stop the presses” and get a new story or a new magazine cover. I worked too many weekends around the clock to produce the magazine on the news stands Monday. However, it was a good job to have a unique view into how the USA works.

This president today is just starting to get the heat of public concern on the many failures that we have to endure in the USA. The water is just starting to get hot, but not boiling. This will get to the boiling point. Magazine sales and advertising sales were the money that fueled Time and their competitors to pursue Nixon. This will happen for our fearless leader. He will not be smiling and joking with reporters for long. If your paycheck is based on your publisher demanding another magazine cover story, then you have let loose a pack of attack dogs. Bonus money and pay raises for journalists will motivate some real digging to find the bones.

Our system is not perfect by any means for news coverage. However, capitalism works! Reporters want the fame and fortune of finding the big story like Bob Woodward has lived off for decades. Somebody will talk to a reporter soon. If you are the first one to talk, then you get the limelight of media. If you are the next one to talk, then you get nothing worth mentioning.

The millennial generation has never experienced this in their lives. This will be a lesson worth remembering. The coming troubles for the White House will create a lot of wealthy journalists. Nixon did not enjoy retirement from office and was an outcast exiled and shunned. With social media today, don’t expect to be shunned but expect to be perpetually harassed.

The economy shrank 2.9%! The VA bonus money was blood money by killing veterans while changing records. The IRS harassed citizens opposing the president and destroyed evidence of their management. Iraq exit failed. Russia stopped USA on Syria terrorism. Russia stopped USA on Iran sanctions. Russia invaded Ukraine and laughs at USA complaints. Unemployment is as bad as Nixon era. What can our president offer the USA as a reason to keep him in office? OBAMACARE?

Something needs to get resolved because the world is watching the USA crumble more every year.

If you think you got it bad, what if relied on Obama for your future?

If you think you got it bad, what if relied on Obama for your future?

White House honors “Champions of Change”

June 23, 2014

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a creation of our fearless leader dreamed up in 2012. We have a president who has a dream. Any child anywhere can wind up in the USA! He encourages dumping children here from any country. The “Arrivals” is a nice way of saying children had smuggler criminals shoving them over our border into the USA.

Once a child is legally declared an “Arrival”, then a lawyer is assigned at the expense of the USA! Now the child is a minor. So how can a lawyer speak for the minor that is not of legal age? Don’t worry about legal technicalities! Each child gets a lawyer! Our president supports due process of law for illegal aliens. Our state governors, and our citizens get steam rolled over with no say on shoving these “Arrivals” into any state at a bus stop or air port.

It would be a great humanitarian gesture to have our first lady lecture the illegal aliens on nutrition in Texas. Also her girls can volunteer to help these children adjust to handouts in the USA at these indoctrination camps. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

To demonstrate the devotion of our first family to DACA Champions of Change is to have a children indoctrination camp set up in their neighborhood in Chicago. Or are these children somebody else’s problem? I love the humanitarian speeches in the abstract, but not real connection to a personal commitment. “We need to help these children!” This means YOU need to help these children while I make speeches, and then go to some billionaire fund raising party.

What the hell is a “champion of change”? Who made you champion? Our president gets to designate you a “champion of change”! Because, all of these illegal aliens got scholarships to ivy league colleges (so the college can have the approval of Obama) so these graduates can make a living telling us citizens on how to make the ideal society for them.

Hypocrisy is in full bloom as our president exudes compassion in speeches, but won’t lift a finger if it takes personal effort. How about a sleep over for 10,000 children at the White House from Texas indoctrination camp of our president? THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

Switzerland festival honoring our royal family!

Switzerland festival honoring our royal family!

Happy idiots plunder Washington D.C.

June 22, 2014

Time is running short for those seeking their fortune in Washington D.C. now. Times of peril approach with the 2014 elections. This is a time when lobbyists may lose Senators and Representatives they owned. The tides may shift and new Republicans and Democrats may get elected. The demands of loyalty from the short term president will fall on deaf ears.

The country is restless and speaking out against those who seek personal fortune in office. There are a few voters who actually want elections to matter. There are a lot of voters who don’t trust how we are being governed. I don’t know of anyone who is happy with where we are going as a country. Happiness is a goal for the common folk. The wealthy always need more wealth and power.

The lobbyists, lawyers, courtiers, courtesans, and commercial news media all seek more wealth, power, and stature among the thieves and scoundrels selling favors in our government. The time is short, and the natives are growing restless. So expect swift agreements and a bloated budget. Don’t expect any investigating or reporting on this thievery of our treasury. The wise reporters are aware of the dangers of revealing the truth. The rookie reporters are permitted to ruin their futures chasing shadows.

Now the lies will grow in volume. Expect speeches imploring us voters to ignore what we know, to believe the new lies. Best of all, we will be told on how things are better now?!

No apologies  or shades of gray on the truth! I am too simple to be fooled.

No apologies or shades of gray on the truth! I am too simple to be fooled.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Factory in Iraq?

June 20, 2014

Al Muthanna has a chemical weapons factory captured by ISIS terrorists. This is confusing. The Democrats were laughing at Bush reason for Iraq war to prevent WMD. (How did Syria get all those chemical weapons?)

Reports of ISIS capturing a chemical weapons complex in Al Muthanna raises a lot of problems. How can Democrats claim there were no WMD, but now need to prevent ISIS from getting control of WMD that never existed? If these are imaginary weapons, how can ISIS get WMD?

The myths created by opponents of Bush seem to be crumbling. ISIS took the effort to capture this area to get more weapon superiority. The weapons of mass destruction with lethal chemicals are ugly deaths for many civilians.

The US allies in the Mideast in 1991 were relieved that Operation Desert Storm drove out Saddam Hussein from conquest of Kuwait oil fields. The Mideast allies now are extremely doubting the reliability of the USA seeing the bungled exit from Iraq. The USA that operated Desert Storm is a memory of our past. The USA that bungled the exit from Iraq is the accurate view of our administration weakness today.

General Schwarzkopf was the commander that planned and ran Desert Storm.

General Schwarzkopf was the commander that planned and ran Desert Storm.

Why are kids jumping border?

June 17, 2014

Everybody seems baffled on why all these kids are coming across the border! How about asking the kids that are crammed into the USA Homeland buildings in Texas? They can talk can’t they?

The brilliant crew in the White House seem baffled and concerned on why oh why are we getting a lot of kids now? Those of us who believe fairy tales know. Grimm had a story that fits. “The Pied Piper of Hamlin”

The town was over run by rats and could not eradicate with cats or clubs to bash rat heads. Desperate to solve this infestation, they agreed to hire the Pied Piper who would lead those rats far away by his piping a tune. He was hired and promised to be paid when work done.

After his work was done, the government officials refused to pay. The Piper changed his tune. He played a tune that drew out all of the children to follow him away from town forever. The White House claims that a Pied Piper is drawing all these children across Mexico border now! Maybe South America families want to get into USA knowing kids don’t get kicked out without applying by immigration! Welcome to disease carried by kids not kept in quarantine!

We are happy so many illegal alien kids are coming here!

We praise these illegal alien kids as CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE!

Iran people suffer USA incompetence

June 16, 2014

The Ayatollah is not popular in Iran. The people were protesting years ago and waiting in vain for the USA to give them some support for a republic. We waited and watched but Obama did not even put out any statement of support for the people of Iran. So of course, the people of Iran are suffering with no hope.

USA may NEED to make a deal with Iran because Iraq exit strategy of USA led to Sunni conquest of that country. We can’t be that stupid or desperate! Iran is building nuclear weapons with missiles from North Korea to attack Israel. Needing help from Iran defines the incompetence and complete stupidity of our fearless leader. We won’t use our military troops, just because it would show that the exit strategy was a failure. But, we might rely on a leadership in Iran that vows to destroy the USA?

More importantly, the countries around the world are watching our leadership fumble and stumble on every problem. Saudi Arabia is one of our oldest allies in the Middle East, as well as Kuwait that we saved from conquest by Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait do not want Iran to become nuclear threat, and are alarmed at USA lack of action on stopping Iran nuclear weapons. China and Russia see more weakness and continue to squeeze harder for territory they want now.

Our good will and respect from removing Saddam Hussein from Iraq are now a distant memory. Our allies will start to make deals with China and Russia as well as Iran, since the USA is not reliable or trust worthy in our alliances. Our military gave their lives, and their limbs when called upon. Now our military sees these sacrifices were thrown away. What is the morale and conviction of our troops to answer the call to battle in the future?

If there is an arrangement with Iran by the USA, then we know that our republic is in jeopardy. If we do not hold principles sacred, then we have betrayed our heritage for cowardice. John Kerry will consider himself brilliant for some “deal” with Iran on Iraq. Susan Rice will go on the Sunday talk shows claiming victory in a trustworthy ally in Iran.

There would have been no disaster in Iraq if we kept forces as our military leadership pleaded Obama. Of course, our chief executive knows more than his military that won the war. Now the people of Iraq are dying by our poor decision. Will Obama elevate the evil leadership of Iran into bragging how Iran saved Iraq at the pleading of USA?

Kerry aka "Lurch" bribing Morsi with jet fighters and deadly weapons. Then Egypt people threw him out!

Kerry aka “Lurch” bribing Morsi with jet fighters and deadly weapons. Then Egypt people threw him out!

Sunni conquest of Iraq exaggerated.

June 15, 2014

Seems like the good old days when we had a video to blame for Benghazi!

Seems like the good old days when we had a video to blame for Benghazi!

President Carter had the Iran hostage crisis at the end of his presidency. Our fearless leader has left our embassy staff in Baghdad as bait for the Sunni terrorists. I wouldn’t feel real optimistic if I was in the Baghdad embassy. Remember Benghazi? Can we expect a “stand down” order for the military in the embassy to surrender? Plus we already gave away the important terrorists in the Bergdahl trade. What do have left to trade?

The Twitter campaign of Michelle for the kidnapped Nigerian school girls was very effective. Nothing has happened but everybody felt good with their Tweets holding stupid signs about bring our girls back. We can only hope that she will be just as effective on her Baghdad Twitter campaign?

For some odd reason, our NATO allies are really concerned on how the USA is again missing any meaningful or swift response. They discovered a pattern of behavior of our White House to be too deliberate. France has a lot of energy investments in Iraq. Our president still is in no rush to approve the Canada pipeline Keystone to increase oil supply in North America. It has only been 5 years in review, and repeated review, and delays on reviewing the repeated review. Canada knows that Obama pledged a swift decision for approval of pipeline in 2012 campaigning against Romney.

Anyway, our National Security Advisor Susan Rice has been oddly silent on this national security blunder. She has not shown up at every Sunday news program as she did for Benghazi killings spurred by some video nobody saw. We know that with Susan will review our experience from the Iran hostage scenario to guide our president right into another disaster.

The US military killed in Iraq and permanently disabled followed orders and gave their full measure of devotion. The military have no voice in the Security Advisor office because those folks know it all without any combat veterans help. We are waiting to learn the amount of time all the options will be reviewed and consulted with international consensus.

BO says what?

June 12, 2014

Our fearless leader has shared words of wisdom with us simple folk. I had to pick up a few of these words because they are pearls worth keeping!

We have not heard these words recently; “shovel ready jobs”? I am not sure why he has abandoned these well worn words. When people look for employment, I always look under SHOVEL. The historians may find it odd that this president in the 21st century talks of job skills from the 18th century.

We know that our president wants everyone to know that he will never put “boots on the ground”! Since BO is the architect on our departure from Iraq, he can say we do not have boots on the ground anymore. Wait a minute! Terrorists on Jihad are over running Iraq right now! So all the money spent, all the wounded and dead from the USA is just sand in the desert.

WAIT A MINUTE! Joe Biden wants to be heard. We don’t know why but Joe said IRAQ foreign policy is the greatest achievement of President Obama. On February 11, 2010 Joe on television was crowing on what they have done in Iraq. It might be time to eat crow. A lot of the families who lost over 4,200 sons and daughters probably will wonder if these deaths are a cruel betrayal by our government. Now Joe is talking about sending troops BACK INTO IRAQ after they lost the country?! Does that mean the dreaded phrase “boots on the ground”?

For some odd reason Obama was talking about fox holes today. He thinks Aussies are great fighters, and welcome Aussies into his fox hole. Kind of bizarre comment, and I can’t imagine Obama inviting soldiers into his fox hole! So we think the English and Canadian soldiers are not welcome into his fox hole?

IF we do go back into Iraq, now that the country is lost, then Obama will declare the exit date right now when we are leaving. That is a great way to win a war! He is a military genius, in his own mind.

We won the war in IRAQ!

We won the war in IRAQ!

WE THE PEOPLE vote for Brat to restore sanity!

June 11, 2014

The policies and the priorities of our White House are scaring a lot of us citizens. Children are being dumped into our country, and we are keeping them?! Our jobless “recovery” focused contracts and regulations helping companies of wealthy lobbyists. We set a record on our military dead and wounded under Obama rules of engagement in combat. Oh yeah, we turn over killers from our 9/11/2001 attack back to Taliban!

We can take back our country!

We can take back our country!

Professional politicians know the problems are so complex, that we simple folk can’t understand the stupid laws and the dumb failures of government. After a while, we just get tired of being told that we can’t understand why we do not get the government we want. Even the alternative groups like Tea Party thought Brat had NO CHANCE to oust Cantor. Brat just kept plugging along with local folks to claim their right to representation.

I salute the voters in Virginia. I welcome Brat changing the election debate. We are not forced to endorse “hope and change” or “reform immigration” as the priorities of government. We know the problems in the USA are created by the laws and the regulations recently added to “help us”. We don’t need the government to help us. We need the government to STOP HURTING USA!

Commercial news media, and the smart political “experts” ignored Brat. Cantor was going to win according to the folks in the know. Well, the political power brokers don’t know WE THE PEOPLE in the USA anymore! You can ignore WE THE PEOPLE. You can claim WE THE PEOPLE are stupid. However, WE THE PEOPLE know when the ship of state is going nowhere.

We don’t need slogans. We need choices and a review on the excess of government wasting our tax money.

refugee children overwhelming USA

June 7, 2014

The world was in upheaval after World War II with displaced people and orphaned children. The USA had a cohesive plan that responded with a coordinated program. Immigration permits were in order, and immediate aid was provided for those outside waiting with no resources. My parents were legal immigrants that came here after the war.

Conflict and turmoil in the world have parents shipping their children from Honduras and other countries to illegally enter the USA. Our coordinated response is beyond a joke. Homeland security transfer these children and other illegal aliens by plane and bus around the USA! That is a plan? How is that helping these people that arrive with nothing?

So our local towns people will have beggar children in their streets seeking hand outs? Our local churches need to tend to these? What is the government coordinated program at the federal level? Why do the states get the problems of a federal failure on border security?

On a selfish level, how many cases of TB, contagious disease, and emergency care patients will be dumped into our health system? We don’t have time for a comprehensive review by the president’s endless special task forces. WHAT IS GOING TO BE DONE NOW? We are getting silence and nobody willing to address a humanitarian crisis now in our country.

The state of Arizona see foreign children pouring into their cities. No notice from the government on this program. No plan of action from the federal government. Our government in Washington D.C. is not working for the USA. They shove their problems onto the states, and blame the states for the problems created by the federal incompetence.

The world was in chaos after the world war and the USA set up a organized system of aid and immigration. The only chaos now is in our federal government that wants to blame everybody for any federal failures.

Governor Brewer of Arizona is being flooded with federal release of illegal immigrants.

Governor Brewer of Arizona is being flooded with federal release of illegal immigrants.

Stop trying to help us!

June 6, 2014

This month of June in the year of our Lord 2014, the USA has eliminated the jobs lost 5 years ago. No parade or celebrations are planned. We have added 10 million new working citizens in those 5 years. We need 10 million more jobs and we still have unemployment over 6%.

Lets put this in perspective. An old retired actor inherited the Carter recession and had replaced all jobs lost in 11 months. Let me use the new punch line of Democrats Clinton and Reid; “What’s the difference?!” To answer the problem of our recession now, our president Obama had his brilliant college professors try to help the recovery. Remember his “Jobs Czar” that disappeared without a ripple of notice? Remember the stimulus that would add Obama’s archaic “shovel ready jobs”? After 5 years his meddling made it worse! President Reagan doing nothing more than tax cuts killed unemployment in 11 months. (Oh yeah, he got our hostages released from Iran without releasing terrorists held in jail!)

So what we already know, the USA would be better off if we kept our president on permanent vacation and golfing. We don’t need a pep rally class president. We need a president like Reagan. He wasn’t perfect, but he never was arrogant and he did negotiate with all political opponents before a new policy went into effect.

Reagan trusted citizens to know more than him!

Reagan trusted citizens to know more than him!

My soldier’s lucky Green Zone truck

June 4, 2014

We hugged and bid farewell to our soldier son as he shipped out to join up with his 32nd Division shipping out from Wisconsin. He was bound for Texas for shortened orientation since he was deemed combat ready. He did get to practice escaping out of a bombed Humvee as part of necessary training before shipping out. This was start of 2009 for our family.

He got adopted by some combat veterans at base and subjected to some rowdy off base escapades before shipping out. Baghdad used to be a far away place until the USA decided to keep us safe at home by sending troops far away. Like a lot of young enlisted (19 years old), Marc volunteered to protect our nation since the 9/11/2001 attack on the USA. I never thought the battles would still be going in 2008 when he enlisted.

Marc is very friendly and makes a lot of friends. He loved scouting, and the high adventure camps of mountain climbing and canoe. He was not eager to go to Iraq, but he did go and as most things went in 100%. He took his laptop to Skype home, take on line college courses, and his running shoes. He loves to run. His assignment was at Green Zone headquarters administrative staff for a Colonel. The Colonel liked to run.

7 days of 12 hours was the norm, and sometimes more hours. Army life is not for weak or soft folks.

There was a Taliban suicide bomber who tried to kill a few at Green Zone. It was an old Japanese pick up truck. The bomb did not explode, but the Taliban did get to die as he wished. Most of us in USA are wise guys. They kept the truck to run errands. (Explosives were removed.)

Marc never drove a stick shift. He got to learn how to drive a Taliban suicide bomber truck. Then he would take the ride to the Baghdad airport to deliver or pick up military visitors for Green Zone. The truck was less of a target than a Humvee, and Marc had fun with a junky truck.

The Green Zone was heavily guarded but it was not 100% safe. Just after Marc’s tour of duty was done, one of his buddies died with a RPG shot into their base tower.

Marc was glad to do stuff to break up the routine of 100 degree days and cold desert nights. Truck errands, volunteering to guard prisoners to get out of the office, and a lot of running. He was in top finishers of a crazy run through obstacles and then target practice. It was called “The Desert Cup” and I think it was red Solo cup.

Anyway, I was just thinking of his luck after seeing more news about this Bergdahl soldier. Marc never walked away. I am proud of him and his buddies who protect us. We need military leadership to instill the same attitude in our young 19 year old enlisted military today.

Baghdad "fun" in army

Baghdad “fun” in army

Saving Sgt Bergdahl why now?

June 1, 2014

Can we expect our fearless leader to be a horse trader? So why now do the Taliban types want to negotiate? Or did they keep making offers all along and this moment was selected by Obama? How did we get the negotiating done? Did the CIA station chief in the Afghanistan visit confirm the details of this deal? CIA chief can’t say, because he is now in hiding after Obama staff revealed his identity.

The Gitmo 5 probably cost USA $200,000 per year in cost of confinement. So it is a saving to military budget. Taliban spent $25 per year for keeping Sgt. Bergdahl. So why now?

It seems odd that president had to break our laws to make “such a deal”. Of course, our laws do not apply to our president. This president praises “international law” and makes international treaties trampling our USA law.

The father of Bergdahl vowed to free all from Gitmo and spouts Sharia Law nonsense too. This whole deal stinks. Our president could not wait one day to consult with Congress?

Sgt Bergdahl parents with president announcing ransom paid.

Sgt Bergdahl parents with president announcing ransom paid.

Do you get rain by your home?

May 30, 2014

Environmental Protection Agency has some new regulations to take over every piece of property in USA! If it rains by your home on any day, then you do not have any say on your own home? YES! If there is any rain water at any time on your property, then you needs permits from the EPA to do anything! Absurd lunacy is what I see in our current White House. EPA needs to save rain water from every home owner polluting and poisoning our water! I could not dream up this joke, but I do suggest that all rain water should be collected and sent to EPA bureaucrats to drown themselves.

Permit process to get approval or denial on installing a bird bath can take 10 years and thousands of dollars in permit hearings. That is water torture to drive away property rights of every home owner.

There are Senate and Congressional hearings to be held. I am contacting both my Representative and my Senators so they know that my financial support and vote depend on them killing this EPA lunacy! Get with this too, unless you welcome EPA oversight on your home.

We are the idiots that want the EPA taking over!

We are the idiots that want the EPA taking over!

Forgotten generation in USA?

May 28, 2014

The Millennial generation are at a stage of life to take charge. They know the lies, empty promises, and problems that are challenging them on a daily basis. They are beginning to discover the failures of those elected to lead our country.
The problem is that our current leadership has no foundation in values that do not shift with public opinion. The moral compass that guides each one of us is not based on popularity polls. Anyone who lives their life to be “popular” is on a fool’s errand. A real leader will not appease, pretend to be ignorant of failures, or only pretend to take charge when the polls show the public question his leadership.
If you listen to speeches of our president, then you don’t know there is a millennial generation in our country. These are the leaders and foundation of our future. These are the ignored and patronized citizens who do not merit much attention of our president.
This is the generation that has volunteered in military service and faced combat in response to the 9/11/2001 attack on the USA. My son and his buddies have been in combat. My son has lost buddies in battle. My son has buddies that have lost limbs and are struggling to adjust with what they experienced in battle.
I am tired of the endless focus on baby boomers. We have had the limelight longer than needed. Our future are my sons and their buddies. The strength of our economy to provide growth in product and innovations needs to be helped instead of tied down with EPA, OSHA, IRS, and meddling by amateurs in Washington D.C. Our country can have dynamic growth. GET OUT OF OUR WAY trying to help with more laws!?
Now is the time to recognize the vitality of our future relies upon millennial aged couples and families.
Our country has a great generation that faced war, economic hardships, and a grim future at this point. We don’t need speeches. We need to take action to help and support this great generation. I am proud of my sons and their buddies. They are entitled to have fun and see promise in their future! They are entitled to enjoy life, and have hope!

My son back from Iraq at Glacier Park with buddies.

My son back from Iraq at Glacier Park with buddies.

Ukraine is not waiting for USA

May 26, 2014

President of Ukraine is newly elected Petro Poroshenko. The voting was done on Sunday, so everyone could vote without missing work. (Is this a novel concept for USA to consider?) On Monday the military are fighting back to reclaim Donetsk International Airport from the so called “insurgents”. They don’t live in Ukraine and came from Russia, but they are called “insurgents”.

Alexander Putin loses no sleep over torture and murder.

Alexander Putin loses no sleep over torture and murder.

It is evident that President Poroshenko has started the military to drive out the Russian military and the “insurgents”. The conquest of Kiev by Russia is a powder keg problem that is more than explosive. Our president may need to make a decision on our relationship with Ukraine a little quicker than the Keystone Pipeline 5 year delay.

Considering the financial challenges essential to the success of Ukraine, this new president is uniquely qualified and understands international investment world. This could be equally to the advantage of the USA if we had Mitt Romney as our president right now. But of course, Romney could not fight the commercial news media conspiracy to silence him, and Romney did try to expose Obama’s lies to mislead the voters.

The people in the USA know that our president is waiting to learn more by what he learns in the news. We have learned to wait, and wait on seeing any response to a real problem from our president. We have to be patient and wait, just like those who died in the VA system waiting.

Putin may not be so patient on seeing Ukraine challenge his incursion into stealing the country of Poroshenko. Poroshenko probably won’t wait for a clear signal from the USA. We all saw in the news how Syria, Iran, and our mission in Benghazi were handled by our fearless leader.

Ukraine in struggle to keep independence with new president.

Ukraine in struggle to keep independence with new president.

Moment of Remembrance

May 18, 2014

On May 2, in the year of our Lord 2000, our President William Jefferson Clinton signed a resolution passed by our senators and representatives.

“In this time of unprecedented success and prosperity throughout our
land, I ask that all Americans come together to recognize how fortunate
we are to live in freedom and to observe a universal “National Moment
of Remembrance” on each Memorial Day. This memorial observance
represents a simple and unifying way to commemorate our history and
honor the struggle to protect our freedoms.”

Unfortunately, we are not enjoying “unprecedented success and prosperity” in our land. We all know the problems of our neighbors, relatives, and our families face as obstacles to our future prosperity. Regardless, we understand that the price paid by those in service to protect our country demand honor and respect. We cannot ignore, forget, or insult the sacrifice made and the price paid by previous generations and the current millennial generation.

Please take the time to celebrate the strength of our citizens to endure, persevere, and sacrifice for the future of our country and all our citizens. The resolution asks that all across the USA at 3:00 P.M. local time each citizen stop their activities to reflect, remember, and think of all those who gave of themselves in our armed services.

So before the Memorial Day weekend, buy a VFW poppy, or stop for a few beers at the local Legion Hall, or donate a few bucks to the USO. None of us can adequately repay for all the sacrifices made on our behalf. Any small measure is worth more than all the speeches by politicians over the holiday.

I am grateful that my father came back from WWII, and my older brother came back from Viet Nam, and my oldest son came back from Iraq. Don’t forget to keep pestering your representative in congress on getting VA services to those in need. After the spot light is off, that is when we need to keep pushing. We have services delayed and denied in the application process that is like Chinese water torture and a back log of over 500,000 veterans waiting just to be eligible for benefits.

This national holiday is to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the USA.

This national holiday is to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the USA.

Mexico is smarter than USA using militia!

May 11, 2014

Our president can be congratulated on Eric Holder sending illegal weapons to the Mexican drug cartel killers into Mexico! Mexico is arming their own militia with government automatic weapons for ranchers and farmers to kill drug cartel. The farmers and ranchers might kill some folks by mistake, but the blood bath by drug cartel has to be stopped somehow!

The USA Homeland Security team has their hands tied by our current president. It’s time to let the armed militia along the border work just like the ranchers and farmers on the Mexican side of border! Homeland Security have their arms tied and blindfolds on them by our government. It’s time to let the citizens of USA on the border protect their security.

Eric Holder seems preoccupied investigating the killers from Benghazi, and the IRS persecution of TEA party organizations. We can make his job easier by taking over this nuisance job so he’s not distracted.

The drug cartel mask themselves in a religious name “knights Templar” from the Catholic Crusades. The drug group “knights” are killers without a soul and have no connection to the Catholic church. Of course our commercial news media will be confused and report the drug killers as a Catholic group, I’m sure.

Mexico prefers to shoot the drug cartel than arrest them.

Mexico prefers to shoot the drug cartel than arrest them.

Happy anniversary transcontinental Railroad!

May 11, 2014
May 10, 1869 Promontory, Utah.

May 10, 1869 Promontory, Utah.

We do big things in a big way here in the USA! On May 10, 1869 the first transcontinental railroad linked up in Promontory Utah. Central Pacific and Union Pacific connected tracks. The project was impossible, dangerous, and disruptive to those who had land used for the rail line. The “iron horse” crews slaughtered buffalo to drive out some of the native American nations off land. A lot of Irish immigrants, Chinese immigrants, and investors suffered pain as well. The 1st major financial crash in the USA was too many railroad companies getting started to make everyone rich.

What counts is that we have the pioneer spirit to endure, prevail over challenges, and stay united after problems dividing us. People wanted to travel to the West Coast without dying on a wagon train trail and months on the route. Merchants wanted goods to sell from the East Coast on the West Coast.

Every family wants to improve their quality of life, and in the USA the citizens take action to improve their quality of life. There is no perfect family, so we all make mistakes. The point is that we dedicate ourselves to try to improve our lives. We don’t accept failure and defeat. We may die trying, and a lot have died by the dangers we accept to reach our goals. Quite a few hobo folk died hitching a ride by train.

Our dreams are too big for most other countries around the world. That is just the way we are! The railroad started the rapid move West for a lot of citizens. Oh yes, we have a duplicate transcontinental rail line built with railroad money in the last decade by Burlington Railroad with no fanfare or news coverage. We still dream big!

Enjoy Curly’s Pub at Lambeau Field

May 10, 2014

Green Bay Wisconsin represents the best of our country. The people here are hard working, and expect to get paid well. The infamous Koch brothers who own the Georgia Pacific paper products company have come to learn this. They wanted to reduce the highly paid work force and reduce investments for updating the very old equipment. Guess what? The people here have the plants humming and setting efficiency output that beats state of art mechanized wonders in southern states. After paying MORE for the labor rates, and the extra shipping expense to distribute, the delivered product is still cheaper. They are increasing investment in Green Bay because you can’t beat success!

We got hard working, and smart working folks. We won’t work cheap, but you get your money’s worth here. Anyway, the Green Bay Packers organization reflects our personality here. Curly Lambeau is a legend. He was a innovator in football. He is beloved despite his personal flaws because he was stubborn enough to keep pushing professional football from very humble beginnings. The ACME PACKERS were sponsored by a meat packing company. Green Bay is a major butcher center for cattle because we like to eat steaks and bacon out here!

The new Lambeau Field is awesome, but not awesome enough. A major expansion and improvements on this new Packers field is underway. We went to Curly’s Pub last night for a celebration. Marcus left Big Sky Resort after working the season with 2 of his new buddies who worked with him. Ben from New Zealand and Bob from Long Island stopped in Green Bay to see “Titletown” USA! Of course we invited them to dinner for Green Bay version of Wisconsin food & beer.

You get a lot of food no matter what you order. You get Wisconsin food and no apologies. I ordered a couple of baskets of fried cheese curds with marinara sauce. Of course some Wisconsin brewed beers are mandatory! Try a Tailgater; Half pound hamburger with bratwurst on top and huge order of French fries. Try a Farmhouse; Half pound hamburger with Canadian bacon and fried egg. These guys can eat a lot, but they met their match with these meals that had them crying uncle! We haven’t seen Marc for over a year. He looks like a mountain man, because he is one!

Did I mention we don’t spend a lot of money out here in Green Bay? You could say we don’t waste money. Fed 6 of us with beers for $120. Great service, great food, great beer for less money. You got to visit here.

Ben will hang out in New York before returning to New Zealand. Marc will work for a few months in a bar that Bob works at on Long Island. Then Marc heads out to California with his army buddies that need him as a physical assistant to help them due to war injuries. Marc returned from Iraq with no war wounds. He will be surfing by Santa Cruz and going to college with his army buddies.

Green Bay attitude is what makes USA great!

Green Bay attitude is what makes USA great!

Do you know a burglar? Ask Putin

May 7, 2014

You see a burglar breaking into your neighbor’s house while they are home. You would call the police. Let’s say the police say they will deliver some food for your neighbor while they fight off the burglar. Would that make sense?

You know the guy who sent the burglars to the house. He offers to negotiate on what his burglar would accept to stop robbing more houses. Your neighbor has to move out and they will stop robbing more houses, he claims.

So John Kerry pretends to understand how to talk to Putin the boss of burglars he sent out to Ukraine. Our president Obama pretends to understand how to coordinate world leaders to force Putin to pull out his burglars.

Television “news” reporters spend a great deal of time offering free propaganda for Russia by showing jubilant burglars claiming another building they stole in Ukraine. Where are the television reporters talking to the victims of these burglars? Media is afraid of Russian thugs and is eager to be buddies for the burglars.

Our president is sending food to our global neighbor Ukraine to help fight off the burglars from Russia. There are no police coming to help. When you send diplomats, there are more people killed. Thousands of armed troops are effective burglars for Putin.

Putin announced he might consider a negotiated settlement! So the king of the burglars will negotiate what he is willing to keep from what he stole! Putin knows the weakness and cowardly response of the world leaders to his aggression. Get ready for his greedy quest for power to lead to a real war, after he is not satisfied with only concessions to appease him.

Russia celebrated May Day with military exercises inside Ukraine!

Russia celebrated May Day with military exercises inside Ukraine!

Somebody lied. We know 4 died!

May 3, 2014

Camus describes Obama

We common folk are too simple minded to understand. Our fearless leader always adjusts the facts to help us absorb his vast wisdom. He wants to help us, even as he lets many die and suffer by his lack of attention. We should feel sympathy that the burden of saving the world is too much for our president.

Obama did have some interesting top members selected to protect our country for National Security. “Dude, that was 2 years ago!” The “dude” did explain that our president NEVER made an appearance in the situation room during the Benghazi assault on our citizens.

The truth will be found now with Congressman Trey Gowdy. This process will show the country that the law applies to everyone equally! The dead will not be forgotten.

May Day celebrated by Putin

May 1, 2014
Russia celebrated May Day with military exercises inside Ukraine!

Russia celebrated May Day with military exercises inside Ukraine!

May Day is always a great celebration in Russia. This year they are celebrating their military might inside Ukraine. A few more people are shot and a few more killed as these military exercises continue. This is not an invasion. It is a rescue mission by Putin to save Russian speaking citizens from their fellow citizens.

Russian propaganda is much better than Jay Carney does for our president. Thousands of masked paramilitary without any insignias are merely Ukrainian citizens trying to take over the cities for Russia. Putin does not seem too concerned on “boots on the ground” hysteria. There are boots, tanks, and a lot of guns are in Ukraine. Putin took a risk that Obama would unleash a military intervention. USA pledged military meals as support for the over run Ukraine military.

May Day for 2014 is the 1st recognized and approved military invasion by Russia without asking permission of USA to take Ukraine. Our response to murder and occupation is to talk about the rule of law and new international attitudes on consensus building.

Is there any mystery on how we let our ambassador get slaughtered in Benghazi? Any question why no rescue forces were sent to try to help? We just don’t want to rock the boat as terrorists and tyrants take what they want by brute force.

Architect of Benghazi Diversion Strategy

April 29, 2014

When the bullets are flying, and our citizens are in peril for their lives, we expect our government to try to help them. With the Benghazi attack of our ambassador Stevens by mortars, rockets, and automatic weapons there was no attempt to help by our commander in chief. You can’t delegate personal responsibility to underlings! The bodies weren’t cold yet, and the plausible talking points were being debated within Obama’s inner sanctum.

JUDICIAL WATCH request through freedom of information act did get documents from request of October 2012. Ben Rhodes had a memo for preparing Susan Rice television appearances. It seems the creation of a video protest was necessary to divert attention from a failed foreign relations policy. Buddy Belk @LessGovMoreFun has posted this connection of staff intervening to contradict CIA field reports.

It is time to get the 2015 Congress to start the impeachment proceedings to answer for the deaths in Benghazi. This does not need to be a campaign issue for the 2014 election. The honor of our country is not subject to debate or any one party’s property. It is a valid question to confirm everyone in congress will commit to pursue the truth on the Benghazi killings cover-up.

What Benghazi cover-up?  It was the video.  No, it was the terrorists?

What Benghazi cover-up? It was the video. No, it was the terrorists?

Twitter warfare! USA escalates!

April 26, 2014

In the last century, diplomacy was based on personal meetings to discuss issues in depth. Now, it seems complex issues need to fit into a Tweet! Brevity is the soul of wit per the bard Shakespeare. Maybe that is why our president relies upon professional Twitter staff to post his Tweets? Our president goes on, and on, and on, and on when talking.

#UnitedforUkraine is a meaningless forum that is a publicity stunt of Jennifer Psaki of State Department. Her expertise is in political propaganda for campaigning. Russia of course enjoys this battle front and has engaged us in Twitter wars! It seems our feelings are hurt that Russia taunts us and Tweets us on their contempt of USA diplomacy! I must admit that I am not only bewildered, but really concerned that our State Department is nuts! We killed RADIO FREE EUROPE that was the only voice citizens around the continent could get USA news. Most everyone has a radio, but not everyone can get a Twitter account in a captive controlled country.

Proficiency on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and selfies is the high threshold for public service! Our ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt should prepare his own survival plan. Our Libya ambassador Stevens got dragged out and murdered. He relied upon the State Department for his security, and that didn’t work too well. Of course the State Department did not start a Benghazi Twitter account. Now we got a Ukraine Twitter account!

Does anybody care that our soldiers will wind up getting killed by wasting diplomatic time playing with Twitter nonsense? Failed diplomacy is always paid in blood by our soldiers. Without much fanfare USA sent one company of 150 soldiers to Poland. We sent one company of 150 soldiers to Lithuania. We sent one company of 150 soldiers to Estonia. We sent one company of 150 soldiers to Latvia. This meaningless gesture is so insignificant that the news media ignored it. The 40,000 Russian troops in uniform and thousands out of uniform wandering around Ukraine are not very scared of USA military escalation.

This woman escalated USA into Twitter war!

This woman escalated USA into Twitter war!

Milwaukee Brewers lead Central Division!

April 25, 2014

Baseball is America’s game! The majority of boys and girls continue to grow up playing some baseball on park team or just pick up games at park. The baseball fans in Wisconsin are stunned! National League Brewers are leading their Central Division in April!

The players are to be congratulated on their efforts. One of the great human interest stories started during Spring training. A hungry and hurt little dog wandered by the Phoenix ball field of the Brewers on Feb. 17. That’s how things go in life. Down and out but never giving up, the little dog and the Brewers both want to have a great year! They both are so far!

Milwaukee Brewers mascot snuck into job.

Milwaukee Brewers mascot snuck into job.

The team adopted the dog, and he is a darling of the baseball fans. The children especially love to see Hank. The “Hank House” is in Miller Field with a meet and greet area for children to meet Hank. He is a lucky dog, and gave good luck to the team.

Little miracles happen all around us. It just takes some small dogs to get big results!

lucky dog

This feels like Watergate days

April 24, 2014

It feels like the Watergate era right now. There are too many political scandals on government abuse of power. Our weak economic recovery problems make people feel anxious. Nobody has optimism or enthusiasm for our future.

People vote with their money. Home sales and home construction are shrinking now. Full time employment is very weak. We don’t even have little things to brag about!

Government agencies more concerned on releasing felons from prison and releasing criminal illegal immigrants loose. Hundreds of thousands arrested for criminal activity will just be walking the streets? That sounds like a great plan? Would it make sense to have this structured so criminals only have crime to get money?

We happy with no problems using your money!

We happy with no problems using your money!

We have never got results from investigating fraud, graft, and waste inside the government. Mexico has lost over 300 citizens due to Fast & Furious illegal guns from Holder. Inspector General for HSA tipped off agency people on investigations! IRS has invisible fraud control on theft of our tax returns. IRS continues to harass political groups. Health insurance confiscation by government has everybody confused.

It is now 6 years of talking about improving the economy. We have had 6 years of attacking industries by regulations with more reports, forms, and reviews before anything gets done.

What president in modern times actually talks about “shovel ready jobs”? SHOVELS are from the 18th century economy. Anyway, our President is taunted by Russia leader Putin. Enemies ignore USA threats. Allies worry about the invisible power of the USA.

The millennial generation has not felt or seen how Watergate changed the mood of country. This feels like the Watergate days. Main difference is that commercial news media kept hounding Nixon. Current commercial news media is ineffective. The president should resign before his term is up.

Does our government let us own property?

April 23, 2014

The Bureau of Land Management handling of a land dispute with rancher Bundy has made national news. What saddens me more, are the related stories coming to light on property being stolen by BLM. BLM made no payment to land “owner”, and the best is fines and levies owners HAVE TO PAY!

Rand Paul has spoken eloquently on a few anecdotes in Kentucky state conflict with federal BLM. Land management is now more like confiscation? Restrictions bind states from proceeding with state projects. BLM can haul state land owners into federal court?

This happened under our noses for the last 20 years. We were deaf dumb and blind to these federal swindles from land owners. The commercial news media does not want to get their fancy costumes dusty by actually visiting where Bundy ranches. FOX news did report from Nevada alone.

“Eminent domain” by federal government claims they are protecting desert tortoise. Federal preserve is killing off overpopulation of desert tortoise right now! BLM hired crew killed off brutally cattle of Bundy. WHY destroy cattle? We are stewards of our country and what rancher shoots up his cattle? The water pipes and water tanks were ruined but left as junk on the federal property by their hired help!

Ranchers and farmers feed the USA.

Ranchers and farmers feed the USA.

Courage is a virtue

April 21, 2014
We were fortunate to have a leader like Eisenhower!

We were fortunate to have a leader like Eisenhower!

From fighting WW II to leading our country through the cold War with Russia, we have been blessed to have Dwight Eisenhower serving our country. We can’t live in the past. We need leadership and we don’t need a genius as our president. We need a person with courage!

We know what our problem is today. We don’t have a leader with courage and we don’t have a leader. We see China challenging Japan to claim more territory China covets. We see Russia laughing at us by their nonsense answers to our protests on invasion of Ukraine. We know Iran will get nuclear weapons with the help of North Korea.

My sons don’t need to fight WW III because we have no leader with courage. If China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran choose to test us before our new president gets elected, then we are in peril! I am praying that we can avoid another world war by our cowardly retreat.

US starts flexing muscles!

April 19, 2014

The conquest of Crimea by Russia is complete. Now Russia is picking portions of Ukraine to liberate. The armed forces in Ukraine and on borders of Ukraine are estimated over 60,000 troops from Russia in uniform. Of course the citizens with ski masks and body armor are thousands in number and they might be Russian. Now the sleeping giant of the USA starts to stir!

We are going to have some military exercises in Poland and Estonia to flex our muscles. This will intimidate the inferior Russian Army by showing off the superior US Army! Obama has issued orders for 150 soldiers to display our military prowess! That is a reassuring demonstration on the depth of our resolve to protect our treaty allies! 150 soldiers against 60,000 Russian troops is hilarious! Obama sent over 150 armed federal forces to the Bundy grazing land dispute! And that was to face ranchers protesting!? I am so glad my son is not in active army right now. Our fearless leader has agreed to issue bullets too for these 150 soldiers! Do they have 60,000 bullets?

I hope that our commercial news media joins our troops for these military exercises! There will be more equipment from the television stations than our troops will have to show off our superior army. Putin will be very cautious now with our strong demonstration of military power. “Rapid Trident 2014″ will take place in July. Putin will wait to be scared on this blatant threatening military exercise of US power!

1st Battalion, 503rd infantry regiment 2013 exercise Trident with Russia.

1st Battalion, 503rd infantry regiment 2013 exercise Trident with Russia.

Me! Me! Me! Me! Who cares?

April 17, 2014

What is this compulsion to grin like an idiot and stick your face in front of a camera? Why does the president have to wave and smile in every damn gathering of world leaders? Biden and Obama (B.O.) have to be running for prom king or something like that. They have a compulsion that needs clinical help.

When in the grocery store, do you feel obliged to smile and wave to the butcher behind the counter? When at the gas station, do you wave and smile into the security camera? Why does Obama think we need millions of pictures of him smiling and waving? What’s the point? At least Putin has pictures riding nude on a horse or grappling in the Dojo!

It is our burden to endure Dumb and Dumber that demand we look at their grinning mugs. Glad they are smiling, because nobody else thinks we are a happy nation. How about a parade through Detroit celebrating their self destruction with socialist planning?

Really?  Grinning idiots want us to look, again.

Really? Grinning idiots want us to look, again.

Incompetent Cowards Bungle into War!

April 16, 2014

The Vladimir Putin conquest plan continues. His decisions are not changed by our fearless leader marathon phone calls. Putin checks on what our response will be to aggression, and he is reassured “sanctions”! So the conquest goes on.

The people in Ukraine evicted a puppet leader of their country who was controlled by Putin. Now Putin is conquering what he wants in order to protect the Russian speaking folks he shoved into the Ukraine long ago. European countries won’t challenge Putin who sells them natural gas and who does trade on European products.

The ancient boundaries in Europe have changed many times over many wars. World War I of Woodrow Wilson reminds me of our current times. Wilson refused to enter the boundary disputes ignited the conflicts. We did get dragged into a World War anyway in spite of sitting on the sidelines to keep out of war. So Obama has a great idea. Use our economic resources to punish Russia. The problem is that he is forcing bankers, industrial companies, and citizens to man the ramparts of economic war. Are these the same companies and people that he has dragged out into the street accusing them of being thieves, and greedy people starving our poor?

In ancient times a city or country under siege was blockaded and cut off to starve the population into submission. The new discovery of Obama is to cut off economic resources by placing the economy of Russia under siege. Only problem is that FDR did that to Japan and they bombed Pearl Harbor since they grew weary of sanctions & trade restrictions. Wars start with bullets or with economic barriers.

Obama would be the worst possible war president now. He would announce the withdraw schedule from Ukraine before he sends in any troops from USA. Of course Putin knows, Obama will NEVER send in troops. Obama won’t even let Ukraine get anything to defend themselves from USA! What an ally the USA is the Ukraine. We’re thinking of you, and best of luck. Don’t expect any help.

Fond memory moment with Putin stealing more from Obama on missiles.

Fond memory moment with Putin stealing more from Obama on missiles.

Democrats love dead people!

April 15, 2014

Democrats have legions of zombie voters. They are not dead, but they are not alive either. The zombies do not have identification cards. They have zombie helpers that are from the former ACORN community organization. Voting rights for dead people is very considerate!

If you want to collect any government benefits, then you need to show up with identification? Is that discriminating? Anyway, it is great that the dead can still be useful to elect Democrats with absentee votes and proxies’ voters. How about only allowing people to vote that can show up with a tax return they filed?

It is a voodoo ritual to bring back the dead to vote for Democrats!

It was funny to see the wealthy Democrat backers have the bums given cigarettes and beer to get bussed over to vote in Milwaukee in 2012. Of course illegal immigrants deserve their right to vote for more benefits too!

Let the dead vote!

Let the dead vote!

Jay Carney proud husband and comrade!

April 13, 2014

The photography of Jay Carney and his family with Claire Shipman is political staging. The prominent visibility of his communist posters in his home seems to pay homage only to Russian propaganda. What’s wrong with Chairman Mao?

Carney family

Please note that his son is showing off his prowess at making breakfast, with the staged artificial expressions of mom and sister. I especially like the kitchen island overflowing with all types of food that would feed several families of their comrades. But worse, the pajamas don’t even have a wrinkle? Did they sleep in sack cloth, and then change into luxurious pajamas to show off?

The Soviet poster for comrades to join the army to kill capitalists is heart warming. We hope his children are studying Lenin and Stalin writings. Why wasn’t the Saul Alinsky book RULES FOR RADICALS prominently on display?

Carney Soviet poster

These photos are so staged they are the worst propaganda. These pictures are funnier than Chairman Mao swimming the Yang Tze River at age 80.

“Don’t go there, buddy!”

April 10, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder has done nothing worth mentioning while in office. It was nice of him to caution Congressman Louie Gomert to avoid trouble and “Don’t go there, buddy!” It was nice to be considered a buddy by the Attorney General. Friends like him I don’t need.

Louie is still anxiously waiting for information requested on Eric’s deadly operation known as “Fast & Furious”. Hey Louie, it’s only been a few years! Eric needs more time to do nothing. The guns distributed illegally to criminals by Attorney General have killed hundreds of Mexicans and one of our public servants. The president of Mexico suspected the guns were shipped by USA but of course our president denied any responsibility for what Eric does.

So Louie reminded Eric that he was cited in contempt of Congress, and the delays on requested material just confirm Eric ignores Congress as a pesky fly. My goodness, Holder cautioned Louie not to go there! It is an honor and privilege to rate a warning from the imperial Attorney General.

The IRS investigation is underway by Attorney General and no progress report. The Fast & Furious investigation was done and closed but the information if still being tracked down to release. There is no problem with the murders of our staff in Benghazi because he is not tracking down the killers.

Congressman Gomert knows he is not a “buddy” of do nothing Holder. Holder doesn’t like getting prodded to do his job by Gomert. Louie just wants his “buddy” Eric to do some work for once.

Seeking justice from lazy Attorney General!

Seeking justice from lazy Attorney General!

Captain America The Winter Soldier

April 6, 2014

The battles of good versus evil from WWII were in the 1st Captain America movie. There was a lot of carnage, and the action led to the personal sacrifice chosen by Captain America to save the country he loved. The movie ended with Captain Rogers revived in our world today as a member of SHIELD.

The Winter Soldier movie has darker under currents at work that match our current events in the USA. Government secret agencies have operations that seem to promote our safety but are actually threats to our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The millennial generation can relate to the animosity of Captain America to anything tainted with perverting the basic rights of our freedom. Just trust the experts and don’t question their need for secrecy in protecting the USA is NOT justified.

The carnage in this movie is massive. However, the violence in the world today exceeds the violence and dangers most people would want to witness. What I especially connected is the personal suffering and post traumatic stress disorder issues met head on for our veterans today. Captain Rogers connects with a group of veterans coming to grips with surviving excessive combat experiences.

We can share the concerns of massive government funding of superficial patriotic projects that undermine and subvert our principles of freedom and justice. This movie has the right of civil disobedience to protect our liberties by battling against those subverting our rights through the use of our government resources to fund the subversion.

This movie has very intense action but does not lose the most important virtues of love, devotion, and friendship. The millennial generation of today does not trust our government and they are not paranoid. They see the truth that too many don’t want to get involved to protect our rights.

I see this movie as great entertainment, and an affirmation that the audience for this movie connect with Captain America challenging the power structure in the USA.

This comic book hero shows the spirit of USA.

This comic book hero shows the spirit of USA.

USA needs to remember rabbits can attack!

April 4, 2014

Now with marketing of Easter in full swing, you see advertising chocolate rabbits and cartoons of funny looking rabbits dressed up. Not many of the children today ever heard of the rabbit attack on our president! Children need to learn that rabbits are not cute fuzzy little cuddly toys. They are dangerous and can attack!

My wife was very upset about a rabbit that was hiding on our property and always stealing her garden’s work by nibbling and stealing our vegetables. Our neighbor’s beagle chased the rabbit from under our gazebo and devoured the rabbit. The rabbit was gone, except for the head left lying near the gazebo. We celebrated the good work of the beagle!

Anyway, President Jimmy Carter was on a fishing expedition in the South and heard the coon hounds baying and chasing something through heavy woods. He was floating on his small fishing boat with his trusty casting rod fishing for his dinner. Suddenly the chase ended at the shore line as the hounds were howling in frustration as their prey jumped into the water. A fierce rabbit was paddling directly to President Carter! We don’t know if the rabbit was a Democrat or a Republican. We do know that suddenly our president recognized the danger he faced.

Since Jimmy reduced oil and gasoline supplies in the USA, he used oars on his boat. He grabbed an oar to whack the rabbit getting closer and closer to his boat. The Secret Service could not kill the rabbit without endangering Jimmy with bullets flying. Plus they were too busy laughing at Jimmy battling a rabbit shark.

Parents should insist that school children not be fooled and misled to think rabbits are cute and cuddly creatures. They will steal your food from the garden. They will attack a president. We need to take bunnies out of Easter folk lore. What the hell is the biological proof that bunnies lay eggs? The only thing bunnies manufacture is more bunnies and rabbit balls. We are proud and grateful that Jimmy Carter, who failed as a president, did fight off a swimming rabbit!

President Carter fought off attacking swamp rabbit! 4/20/1979

President Carter fought off attacking swamp rabbit! 4/20/1979

Labor Day honors workers

August 26, 2014

President Grover Cleveland designated the first Monday of September starting in 1887 as an official national holiday. We honored tradesmen and laborers with a paid holiday. In the 19th century the employee had little rights.

In our 21st century, we have too many without jobs who want to be employed. Labor Day is not a holiday all can enjoy. Our current president promised that his top priority was to give everyone a job shoveling something. Back in the 19th century, not many people had jobs shoveling. Why would our president promise people “shovel ready jobs”? Why doesn’t our president hire a caddy at least when he golfs? Doesn’t he know that riding a cart is for handicapped and old people? He needs to walk the golf course and hire a caddy! MAN UP!

Our president can work on Labor Day. That would be a first seeing him work!

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits!

Love the 3 stooges golf outfits!

Are we having fun yet?

August 19, 2014

Ferguson, Mo is a small community based on 2010 census of 21,203. For those focused on racial statistics, 44.75% “white” and 52.41% “black” make up the majority of population. 25% of these households were a woman with no man. The median income is well below Martha’s Vineyard population.

Since the Great Recession, the “black” population has not recovered jobs or income to 2007 level. Our president kept telling everybody that he was “focused like a laser on new jobs!” His laser beam obviously missed a lot of communities like Ferguson. So for 6 years, how long do we think people can wait, and wait for work? The tradition and heritage of our culture in USA is based upon success from work and personal effort to improve their lot in life. Most folks have given up waiting for our president’s wave of jobs.

To complicate the problems for the people living in Ferguson, the protests and complaints for the death of Mr. Brown are now looting, pillaging, and a destructive rampage. The looters and pillagers are tourist terrorists from other areas to wear masks and steal stuff. Of course, ISIS banners and other anti USA stuff is in display. Nobody should be surprised. We have militant anti USA groups that bring in agitators for “OCCUPY WALL STREET”, “THROW OUT ANTI UNION GOVERNOR WALKER”, “CHICAGO TEACHER UNION PROTESTS”, and more. All the protests are based on communist pet propaganda topics. The 1% rich are draining the blood of the poor! How come our president and his top lawman our attorney general are not protecting USA from abuse and control of 1%? Nobody knows what they are doing.

All the parties and celebrations for our “hope and change” under our president are forgotten. We never got anything to celebrate. Speeches don’t bring back the burned out, looted out stores in Ferguson. Don’t expect the store owners to feel obligated to rebuild. My family needs to be fed, and anybody robbing me is robbing my family’s future. The thieves and thugs “protesting” in Ferguson are killing the future for those who do live there. The thieves just leave town with their loot.

Midnight looters steal instead of protest for Brown.

Midnight looters steal instead of protest for Brown.

Gloves come off Al Gore

August 16, 2014
Al protects polar bears from global warming!

Once upon a time, Al Gore had a cable channel. Nobody knew about it, because nobody watched it. No advertisers spent any money to advertise on it either. Unlike his inventing the internet, his media empire was more of a dump.

In a caravan in the deserts of the Middle East, some guys wearing turbans saw their chance to dominate every home in the USA through cable TV. Al Jazeera is owned by Qatar’s “Royal” family. They deposited 65 million in a U.S. bank as escrow funds to complete the transaction for purchase of Current TV channel from Al “biscuits & gravy” Gore. It seems the bank let the “Royal” family switch the funds out of the escrow account. They must have figured they already paid enough for Current TV. The bank must have figured, they want to keep doing business with the “Royal” family. The bank that has no business with Al Gore, let the money move out.

Al Gore has his legal team looking to get the money returned before the world ends by Global Warming. The “Royal” family seems to like keeping a few million dollars from doomsday Al. That is just plain un American.

Qatar is a long way away from Tennessee. Al can visit their tent near the oasis to find his money. Anybody seen Qatar? It is a billionaire resort city built by our money to their oil companies. Our navy fleet is headquartered there to protect their oil.

Perhaps Al Gore can lean on John Kerry to negotiate the return of his stolen money from Qatar? Al would be out of place in Qatar. If you don’t drive arrive in your Rolls Royce with your own chauffeur, then you would be considered a hobo. John Kerry would fit right in wearing his yacht commodore costume.

The lesson is clear. Don’t trust the “Royal” family on a deal. Al was chuckling how he took them on the deal. Now he is holding the bag. He got skunked, and he don’t like the smell.

Twittidiots tweeting nonsense

August 12, 2014
twitter bird

Twitter has changed communication. We know the self promoters are giving endless updates to tell everybody their next time on television or radio. Some are polite to keep restraint, and some just keep hammering minute by minute updates. “Be sure to hear what I’m going to say on MSNBC at 5:35AM Monday!”

Mass hysteria and lethal panic is a real danger of “the sky is falling” twittidiots. “Did you see this link?!” “It’s too late to stop doom!” “Entire country commits suicide due to Kerry’s prohibiting farming in Africa to protect climate!”

I find many Twitter postings of same value as talking to a drunk lying in gutter mumbling nonsense. It’s like purposely walking down a dark alley in the bad side of town knowing you can’t get killed, but you can be worse for the experience.

Russia has a team of propaganda hacks posting endless Tweets praising Putin. Paid hacks from Russia are heaping abuse at White House and President Twitter accounts to mock and torment USA. I have abandoned Face Book and am ambivalent about continuing Twitter.


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