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hobo jungle drums warning USA

be careful of bad ju ju! the hobo czar may have to find a job, since Obama will eliminate the office of hobo relations. we're on our own! that's nothing new?!

Does our government let us own property?

April 23, 2014

The Bureau of Land Management handling of a land dispute with rancher Bundy has made national news. What saddens me more, are the related stories coming to light on property being stolen by BLM. BLM made no payment to land “owner”, and the best is fines and levies owners HAVE TO PAY!

Rand Paul has spoken eloquently on a few anecdotes in Kentucky state conflict with federal BLM. Land management is now more like confiscation? Restrictions bind states from proceeding with state projects. BLM can haul state land owners into federal court?

This happened under our noses for the last 20 years. We were deaf dumb and blind to these federal swindles from land owners. The commercial news media does not want to get their fancy costumes dusty by actually visiting where Bundy ranches. FOX news did report from Nevada alone.

“Eminent domain” by federal government claims they are protecting desert tortoise. Federal preserve is killing off overpopulation of desert tortoise right now! BLM hired crew killed off brutally cattle of Bundy. WHY destroy cattle? We are stewards of our country and what rancher shoots up his cattle? The water pipes and water tanks were ruined but left as junk on the federal property by their hired help!

Ranchers and farmers feed the USA.

Ranchers and farmers feed the USA.

Courage is a virtue

April 21, 2014
We were fortunate to have a leader like Eisenhower!

We were fortunate to have a leader like Eisenhower!

From fighting WW II to leading our country through the cold War with Russia, we have been blessed to have Dwight Eisenhower serving our country. We can’t live in the past. We need leadership and we don’t need a genius as our president. We need a person with courage!

We know what our problem is today. We don’t have a leader with courage and we don’t have a leader. We see China challenging Japan to claim more territory China covets. We see Russia laughing at us by their nonsense answers to our protests on invasion of Ukraine. We know Iran will get nuclear weapons with the help of North Korea.

My sons don’t need to fight WW III because we have no leader with courage. If China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran choose to test us before our new president gets elected, then we are in peril! I am praying that we can avoid another world war by our cowardly retreat.

US starts flexing muscles!

April 19, 2014

The conquest of Crimea by Russia is complete. Now Russia is picking portions of Ukraine to liberate. The armed forces in Ukraine and on borders of Ukraine are estimated over 60,000 troops from Russia in uniform. Of course the citizens with ski masks and body armor are thousands in number and they might be Russian. Now the sleeping giant of the USA starts to stir!

We are going to have some military exercises in Poland and Estonia to flex our muscles. This will intimidate the inferior Russian Army by showing off the superior US Army! Obama has issued orders for 150 soldiers to display our military prowess! That is a reassuring demonstration on the depth of our resolve to protect our treaty allies! 150 soldiers against 60,000 Russian troops is hilarious! Obama sent over 150 armed federal forces to the Bundy grazing land dispute! And that was to face ranchers protesting!? I am so glad my son is not in active army right now. Our fearless leader has agreed to issue bullets too for these 150 soldiers! Do they have 60,000 bullets?

I hope that our commercial news media joins our troops for these military exercises! There will be more equipment from the television stations than our troops will have to show off our superior army. Putin will be very cautious now with our strong demonstration of military power. “Rapid Trident 2014″ will take place in July. Putin will wait to be scared on this blatant threatening military exercise of US power!

1st Battalion, 503rd infantry regiment 2013 exercise Trident with Russia.

1st Battalion, 503rd infantry regiment 2013 exercise Trident with Russia.

Me! Me! Me! Me! Who cares?

April 17, 2014

What is this compulsion to grin like an idiot and stick your face in front of a camera? Why does the president have to wave and smile in every damn gathering of world leaders? Biden and Obama (B.O.) have to be running for prom king or something like that. They have a compulsion that needs clinical help.

When in the grocery store, do you feel obliged to smile and wave to the butcher behind the counter? When at the gas station, do you wave and smile into the security camera? Why does Obama think we need millions of pictures of him smiling and waving? What’s the point? At least Putin has pictures riding nude on a horse or grappling in the Dojo!

It is our burden to endure Dumb and Dumber that demand we look at their grinning mugs. Glad they are smiling, because nobody else thinks we are a happy nation. How about a parade through Detroit celebrating their self destruction with socialist planning?

Really?  Grinning idiots want us to look, again.

Really? Grinning idiots want us to look, again.

Incompetent Cowards Bungle into War!

April 16, 2014

The Vladimir Putin conquest plan continues. His decisions are not changed by our fearless leader marathon phone calls. Putin checks on what our response will be to aggression, and he is reassured “sanctions”! So the conquest goes on.

The people in Ukraine evicted a puppet leader of their country who was controlled by Putin. Now Putin is conquering what he wants in order to protect the Russian speaking folks he shoved into the Ukraine long ago. European countries won’t challenge Putin who sells them natural gas and who does trade on European products.

The ancient boundaries in Europe have changed many times over many wars. World War I of Woodrow Wilson reminds me of our current times. Wilson refused to enter the boundary disputes ignited the conflicts. We did get dragged into a World War anyway in spite of sitting on the sidelines to keep out of war. So Obama has a great idea. Use our economic resources to punish Russia. The problem is that he is forcing bankers, industrial companies, and citizens to man the ramparts of economic war. Are these the same companies and people that he has dragged out into the street accusing them of being thieves, and greedy people starving our poor?

In ancient times a city or country under siege was blockaded and cut off to starve the population into submission. The new discovery of Obama is to cut off economic resources by placing the economy of Russia under siege. Only problem is that FDR did that to Japan and they bombed Pearl Harbor since they grew weary of sanctions & trade restrictions. Wars start with bullets or with economic barriers.

Obama would be the worst possible war president now. He would announce the withdraw schedule from Ukraine before he sends in any troops from USA. Of course Putin knows, Obama will NEVER send in troops. Obama won’t even let Ukraine get anything to defend themselves from USA! What an ally the USA is the Ukraine. We’re thinking of you, and best of luck. Don’t expect any help.

Fond memory moment with Putin stealing more from Obama on missiles.

Fond memory moment with Putin stealing more from Obama on missiles.

Democrats love dead people!

April 15, 2014

Democrats have legions of zombie voters. They are not dead, but they are not alive either. The zombies do not have identification cards. They have zombie helpers that are from the former ACORN community organization. Voting rights for dead people is very considerate!

If you want to collect any government benefits, then you need to show up with identification? Is that discriminating? Anyway, it is great that the dead can still be useful to elect Democrats with absentee votes and proxies’ voters. How about only allowing people to vote that can show up with a tax return they filed?

It is a voodoo ritual to bring back the dead to vote for Democrats!

It was funny to see the wealthy Democrat backers have the bums given cigarettes and beer to get bussed over to vote in Milwaukee in 2012. Of course illegal immigrants deserve their right to vote for more benefits too!

Let the dead vote!

Let the dead vote!

Jay Carney proud husband and comrade!

April 13, 2014

The photography of Jay Carney and his family with Claire Shipman is political staging. The prominent visibility of his communist posters in his home seems to pay homage only to Russian propaganda. What’s wrong with Chairman Mao?

Carney family

Please note that his son is showing off his prowess at making breakfast, with the staged artificial expressions of mom and sister. I especially like the kitchen island overflowing with all types of food that would feed several families of their comrades. But worse, the pajamas don’t even have a wrinkle? Did they sleep in sack cloth, and then change into luxurious pajamas to show off?

The Soviet poster for comrades to join the army to kill capitalists is heart warming. We hope his children are studying Lenin and Stalin writings. Why wasn’t the Saul Alinsky book RULES FOR RADICALS prominently on display?

Carney Soviet poster

These photos are so staged they are the worst propaganda. These pictures are funnier than Chairman Mao swimming the Yang Tze River at age 80.

“Don’t go there, buddy!”

April 10, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder has done nothing worth mentioning while in office. It was nice of him to caution Congressman Louie Gomert to avoid trouble and “Don’t go there, buddy!” It was nice to be considered a buddy by the Attorney General. Friends like him I don’t need.

Louie is still anxiously waiting for information requested on Eric’s deadly operation known as “Fast & Furious”. Hey Louie, it’s only been a few years! Eric needs more time to do nothing. The guns distributed illegally to criminals by Attorney General have killed hundreds of Mexicans and one of our public servants. The president of Mexico suspected the guns were shipped by USA but of course our president denied any responsibility for what Eric does.

So Louie reminded Eric that he was cited in contempt of Congress, and the delays on requested material just confirm Eric ignores Congress as a pesky fly. My goodness, Holder cautioned Louie not to go there! It is an honor and privilege to rate a warning from the imperial Attorney General.

The IRS investigation is underway by Attorney General and no progress report. The Fast & Furious investigation was done and closed but the information if still being tracked down to release. There is no problem with the murders of our staff in Benghazi because he is not tracking down the killers.

Congressman Gomert knows he is not a “buddy” of do nothing Holder. Holder doesn’t like getting prodded to do his job by Gomert. Louie just wants his “buddy” Eric to do some work for once.

Seeking justice from lazy Attorney General!

Seeking justice from lazy Attorney General!

Captain America The Winter Soldier

April 6, 2014

The battles of good versus evil from WWII were in the 1st Captain America movie. There was a lot of carnage, and the action led to the personal sacrifice chosen by Captain America to save the country he loved. The movie ended with Captain Rogers revived in our world today as a member of SHIELD.

The Winter Soldier movie has darker under currents at work that match our current events in the USA. Government secret agencies have operations that seem to promote our safety but are actually threats to our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The millennial generation can relate to the animosity of Captain America to anything tainted with perverting the basic rights of our freedom. Just trust the experts and don’t question their need for secrecy in protecting the USA is NOT justified.

The carnage in this movie is massive. However, the violence in the world today exceeds the violence and dangers most people would want to witness. What I especially connected is the personal suffering and post traumatic stress disorder issues met head on for our veterans today. Captain Rogers connects with a group of veterans coming to grips with surviving excessive combat experiences.

We can share the concerns of massive government funding of superficial patriotic projects that undermine and subvert our principles of freedom and justice. This movie has the right of civil disobedience to protect our liberties by battling against those subverting our rights through the use of our government resources to fund the subversion.

This movie has very intense action but does not lose the most important virtues of love, devotion, and friendship. The millennial generation of today does not trust our government and they are not paranoid. They see the truth that too many don’t want to get involved to protect our rights.

I see this movie as great entertainment, and an affirmation that the audience for this movie connect with Captain America challenging the power structure in the USA.

This comic book hero shows the spirit of USA.

This comic book hero shows the spirit of USA.

USA needs to remember rabbits can attack!

April 4, 2014

Now with marketing of Easter in full swing, you see advertising chocolate rabbits and cartoons of funny looking rabbits dressed up. Not many of the children today ever heard of the rabbit attack on our president! Children need to learn that rabbits are not cute fuzzy little cuddly toys. They are dangerous and can attack!

My wife was very upset about a rabbit that was hiding on our property and always stealing her garden’s work by nibbling and stealing our vegetables. Our neighbor’s beagle chased the rabbit from under our gazebo and devoured the rabbit. The rabbit was gone, except for the head left lying near the gazebo. We celebrated the good work of the beagle!

Anyway, President Jimmy Carter was on a fishing expedition in the South and heard the coon hounds baying and chasing something through heavy woods. He was floating on his small fishing boat with his trusty casting rod fishing for his dinner. Suddenly the chase ended at the shore line as the hounds were howling in frustration as their prey jumped into the water. A fierce rabbit was paddling directly to President Carter! We don’t know if the rabbit was a Democrat or a Republican. We do know that suddenly our president recognized the danger he faced.

Since Jimmy reduced oil and gasoline supplies in the USA, he used oars on his boat. He grabbed an oar to whack the rabbit getting closer and closer to his boat. The Secret Service could not kill the rabbit without endangering Jimmy with bullets flying. Plus they were too busy laughing at Jimmy battling a rabbit shark.

Parents should insist that school children not be fooled and misled to think rabbits are cute and cuddly creatures. They will steal your food from the garden. They will attack a president. We need to take bunnies out of Easter folk lore. What the hell is the biological proof that bunnies lay eggs? The only thing bunnies manufacture is more bunnies and rabbit balls. We are proud and grateful that Jimmy Carter, who failed as a president, did fight off a swimming rabbit!

President Carter fought off attacking swamp rabbit! 4/20/1979

President Carter fought off attacking swamp rabbit! 4/20/1979

GM hires Obama insider Ken Feinberg on road kills

April 2, 2014

Once again, the general public of the USA will watch our government treat General Motors as above the law. Our national transportation safety agency review process in Washington D.C. ignored the accident and death reports on the now infamous “ignition switch” failure. So the nameless faceless bureaucrats are not held accountable for failures on performance of duty.

Our administration never holds anyone accountable, until elections are coming near. So the new head of GM hires the ultimate insider of Washington that is a personal favorite of Obama, Ken Feinberg. Feinberg distributed some of the $20,000,000,000 from BP oil damages.

So the crumpled cars, dead drivers, and the deaths were not counted as GM defect. I know a lady that lost a son driving a Cobalt in a single car accident 3 years ago. She contacted GM asking why the air bag would not have worked when his car went off a road and impacted the ditch. She never got an answer. He is not listed as killed by vehicle defect. If his car was running, the air bag would have deployed. If his car was dead while rolling down the road by ignition switch failure, then the air bag is dead. He died.

We the tax payers bailed out GM because Obama wanted their union votes. Bond holders lost their money on bankrupt bonds. Union didn’t lose a nickel on pay or benefits. Now, tax payers are dead from car defect from GM. Well, that was defect from bankrupt filing GM so too bad. It’s fuzzy on liability of GM after bail out. What’s clear, is that GM will spend a fortune to avoid criminal prosecution on the dead drivers.

The Ken Feinberg addition to GM ensures a smooth conduit to Eric Holder, and all the powerbrokers in the Obama administration to avoid prosecution. It will cost money, but will justice be done? How about the $20,000,000,000 slush fund of Obama fine money? How much went to those harmed? How much is just floating around the Obama crew? No answers, no reports, and nobody bothers to report.

Ken likes handling large amounts of money!

Ken likes handling large amounts of money!

Bill Gates joins Luddites?

March 26, 2014

The discussion on minimum wage employees pay scale included an interesting observation of billion Bill Gates. His opinion is that escalating minimum wage will accelerate digital and robot replacements. Excuse me for laughing at this stupidity of Gates.

On line direct digital activity for banking, retail shopping, investing, reading, etc. has nothing to do with replacing minimum wage people. We have become a 24 hour anytime of day, any day of year instant service addicts. I can wait for a store to open to check out and see merchandise in person. I can wait for my credit union to open to go to a teller.

Automated Tell Machines (ATM) are everywhere and the millennial generation grew up only knowing these machines. The point is that people expect and demand convenience and services at anytime and any day.

People that do manual work will not be replaced by automated robots to counter higher wages. Automation takes place to increase production using robotic welding, robotic warehouses, and robot assembly lines. Convenience store clerks, and food service help have use of digital tools but replacing by a robot makes no economic sense.

Anyway, it seems funny that the justification to keep people working is to keep low wages. OR BE REPLACED BY A MACHINE! Bill you are a dimwit and seem oddly connected to Luddites’ thinking! If McDonald’s sells billions of burgers in a year, you can be assured McDonald’s has investigated robotic applications where economically feasible. Your billionaire bridge player buddy Buffet and you know McDonald’s because you guys always eat there during tournaments!

Minimum wage jobs replaced by robots?

Minimum wage jobs replaced by robots?

China throngs worship Michelle?

March 21, 2014

Our fearless leader sent his pit bull with lipstick to China. (Apologies to Sarah Palin for stealing her hockey mom joke from 2008 campaign.) This picture looks like the Vulcan “live long and prosper” hand sign from Michelle. Obama is a brilliant husband. His mother in law and daughters all have left home! Now he can finally golf, and watch the NCAA with all the pizza and beer he wants and no bitching!

China cannot thank the USA enough for sending them more guests to entertain from White House! I hope Michelle sticks her nose in the kitchen to tell the cooks what she wants. Her dog might be the main course if she’s not careful.

China might be confused on why she is there. It would have been more of a bold move to send them to Russia for Putin to entertain! That might be more powerful than the lame sanctions Obama set out for Putin attacking Ukraine.

I am personally grateful there was a media censorship on this trip. I have Obama fatigue. I don’t want to watch his family too! It would be interesting to see how many people in China will be forced to show up and pretend they’re happy to see Michelle.

SURPRISE!  We want to tell you how to live!

SURPRISE! We want to tell you how to live!

Putin ignores Obama’s pen & phone!

March 19, 2014

Our fearless leader has used his phone, a lot! Putin didn’t listen?! What the hell is going on? Sanctions were signed by Obama. Putin’s staff made jokes about it? What the hell is going on?

Obama clearly told Putin DO NOT CLAIM CRIMEA! Must be something wrong with the phone?

For some reason, Putin thinks his military are holding Crimea as a peace keeping mission. Our president has found a world leader that lies more than Joe Biden! We need to consider the possibility that our current administration are educated idiots. Putin to put it in the word of our hip hop president shows no “R-S-P-E-C-T”!

Meanwhile, out in the real world things get worse. Nobody is listening to our president. Syria deal and Iran deal are deals in terms of propaganda only. North Korea doesn’t even agree to a fake deal! Even the pastry chef at White House quit over Michelle’s slandering bakery ingredients! We got a lot of problems! Where are the shovels for those shovel ready jobs?

Obama brags he has a pen and phone!  Where is the map to future?

Obama brags he has a pen and phone! Where is the map to future?

Marijuana is good for hemp rope only

March 13, 2014

Yes, I am a baby boomer. No I am not claiming I went to Woodstock. Yes, I did not inhale! Marijuana “pot” heads in college in my day had scrambled brains. They could not say anything original, and only repeated incorrectly the Timothy Leary nonsense on expanding consciousness with all kinds of junk. I might have bought it, but they were unconscious when they were talking to me.

Nobody takes advice anyway, so I won’t give. Anyway we got Michelle Obama and her man child spouse giving the millennial generation all kinds of nonsense advice! The draft dodgers, (Yes, Virginia Uncle Sam wants you!), lousy musicians, and coffee house intellectuals saw our country becoming a police state under a brutal military regime. Those morons I left in 1972 are now correct. It took a while, but their drug induced paranoia and conspiracy theories, are now correct!

So for all of you planning a vacation for your brain in Colorado puffing on a hookah, just be patient. MAYBE your predictions of 2014 might come true in 42 years? The majority of my college class did not get into the fake intellectual elite attitude and are fine. The few hard core pot heads are now dead or living way under their potential they puffed away 42 years ago.

So here we are stuck with a drug using man child in our White House giving all kinds of advice. Seems like I am back in the college student union coffee house with the drug addled intellectual elite from 1972 again. I know we should not judge anything or say anything is wrong about our fearless leader, because he is an Afro-American. That does not give anybody a free pass to be an idiot and expect us to follow his moronic babbling. Michelle probably would not even have gone out with our president when he was busy huffing and puffing his junk in his locked up records of college years.

So to the millennial generation, I know you all are getting the worst years of your life now. From 2001 until 2014, you have seen the country go through a lot of confusing problems. Using drugs or pot makes you pretend things are better, while you are getting into worse shape. Hard to raise your consciousness if you are dead or passed out. But I do have sympathy. It takes courage to endure suffering and hardship. The last 12 years have been brutal.

I worked at TIME during the Watergate years of scandal and upheaval. It felt like the end of the USA to somebody learning to live in the adult world. Don’t be afraid, the USA survived Nixon, and we can survive impeaching Obama too.

I would change one slogan of my generation. “Don’t trust anyone over 30!” Listen to folks who you think have it together that have gray hair. Free advice!

We 3 kings with shopping carts out on the town! Got a joint?

We 3 kings with shopping carts out on the town! Got a joint?

Putin secret weapon is his telephone!

March 9, 2014

Vladimir Putin has great insights into breaking people by intimidation and torture from his KGB days. Putin knows he can drive our president into fits by a simple weapon. Putin can use his telephone!

We have been told by our White House spokes person on the long phone calls Obama initiated to Putin. One phone call was for 90 minutes! Another phone call was 60 minutes. So now Putin has the opportunity to have some phone fun. Put in a call to Obama when he is on the golf course now in Florida. Keep him on the phone for 120 minutes. Yes this is phone call escalation! Give the president another call in a celebrity party thrown by White House to drag Obama away from his own party at our expense.

Vladimir Putin can visit the USA and spend time on THE VIEW, and throw some celebrity parties with Russian caviar, vodka, at Obama’s favorite vacation spots. Last but not least, Putin can travel with the tax exile Gerard Depardieu. This is a new century, and a new millennium for tyrants and despots to stake their claim to fame! Don’t rule out this KGB killer using his organized criminals to wreak havoc in our country and pretend he has no idea how Target got hacked.

Russia seen as tax haven compared to socialist France!

Russia seen as tax haven compared to socialist France!

What our enemies know of USA weakness

March 2, 2014

We will not use nuclear weapons in war. Our president made that declaration years ago. So China and Russia know we are vulnerable in denying a strategic weapon to be used. Our enemies may or may not choose to use nuclear weapons, but we don’t know.

A foreign aggression with army and navy forces can overwhelm our diminished numbers. China got a few more in military than USA. Russia and China doing joint war games presents a real potential alliance to take over the USA. Putin has been sending his military leaders to coordinate with China on military exercises together. Of course our president knows that USA will never be attacked, because…?

VP candidate Palin in debate told Biden that Senator Obama would not support any action on Russia invading Georgia territory was dangerous. Palin told Biden Russia would be emboldened to take over Ukraine, back in 2007! Obama ignored Palin and her warning. Does Obama actually do any work himself? Does he bring in advisers to review scenario studies of potential threats to USA and allies? Kerry and Hagel are really dim and political hacks.

So if our opposition heard the president declare he would NEVER use nuclear weapons in conflict, then they focus on their conventional military to beat USA! We are reducing military readiness because…..?

Social security benefits and food stamps aren’t important if we USA is conquered! Of course, that is ridiculous! We can never lose! Unless we surrender by doing nothing to protect ourselves before we even get attacked?

Putin at military planning council in China.  They are planning a picnic for USA.

Putin at military planning council in China. They are planning a picnic for USA.

Obama 90 minute phone call to Putin?

March 2, 2014

Add this footnote to trivial pursuits. What happens when Ukraine is invaded by Russia? Obama keeps Putin hostage on the telephone for 90 minutes! That was torture!

Vladimir heard about some juicy gossip on Beyoncé and where Obama is planning his next vacation. Obama heard Putin tell him to sit down and keep quiet. Maybe Obama did hear Putin use the toilet as his phone call was flushed down?

So Obama GAVE AWAY a missile defense shield that Bush spent 8 years to get approval and signed as treaty for our allies in Europe. Obama has great insights into music, karaoke performances, and vacation planning. Obama has NOBODY on his staff that understands enforcing military force without starting a war. Guess what the COLD WAR did? It protected us and allies WITHOUT A SHOOTING WAR! The missile shield can’t be put in place at this time, and hey we don’t have money to set it up now anyway. The LGBT “Gay Pride” initiative for military budget has increased and missile money is gone.

Obama, Kerry, and Hagel are the 3 stooges. The world now understands how nobody is in charge, except Putin. We are the world’s wealthiest, strongest country and Obama has focused on tying down our energy industry while kicking the employers into the gutter. Let our country do what it does best! Get the hell out of our way mister president. We know what to do.

If your phone ID shows Obama is on the phone, DO NOT ANSWER!

(Oh yeah, 9/11/2001 attack was a spontaneous demonstration against USA laughing at Islam beliefs. It was OUR FAULT! DO NOT PROFILE ISLAM AS THREAT FOR USA!)

Get my golf clubs ready!

Get my golf clubs ready!

Putin shaking in his boots!

March 1, 2014

It’s the unique spirit of the people of the USA to root for the underdog. WE ARE THE UNDERDOG! It’s no joke that the world misses the strength of leadership they relied upon from the USA. Our president is too busy giving speeches and golfing. President Eisenhower played a lot of golf and nobody messed with the USA. Eisenhower was a better golfer and a hell of a poker player for real.

Everybody saw USA walk away from Syria threat of “red line” by Obama. North Korea is still doing whatever they want to become a nuclear weapons power. Iran continues on their quest for nuclear weapons. China is claiming restrictions for air traffic and naval embargo around Japan territory. Obama ran away from missile shield for European allies because it might make Putin mad. We don’t have allies, because they can’t trust the USA to do anything except make speeches.

What if Putin conquers the world without a fight? Ukraine people don’t expect anything from USA except talk. People in Venezuela and Ukraine are fighting for their lives to be free by dying. That is the spirit that set the Revolution of the colonies we used to be. FREEDOM DOES NOT WAIT FOR PERMISSION! FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM DOES NOT WAIT.

Iran sent a naval destroyer to blockade the US navy in our territory because they laugh at us. We are disarming our military to spend more money for Obama vacations and caviar parties. China and Russia are arming and stealing our weapon technology by spies. Obama, defense secretary Hagel, and secretary of state Kerry are all we got to look out for all of us in USA? WE ARE DOOMED! The world knows we are a paper tiger led by an empty suit.

Our sons and daughters in the military have won many wars. We have shed a lot of our own blood in many wars. We have walked away from military victories to let the enemy claim the battlefield by failed leadership. Why fight and die under Obama? He’ll give it all away and claim a victory in more speeches.

Obama brags he has a pen and phone!  Where is the map to future?

Obama brags he has a pen and phone! Where is the map to future?

First Lady calls young women “knuckleheads” ha ha

February 22, 2014

In the world view of our President and his first Lady, the future leaders of the USA are mere children. These “children” have endured and survived their “adult” life suffering under the failures and foolish leadership of President Obama. These “children” have volunteered in service in our military. These “children” died fighting for our freedom.

In Venezuela a young beauty queen Genesis Camona was shot and murdered this month protesting the oppressive Madura regime. She was fighting for her freedom with thousands of her age. She showed courage, conviction, and the brutality of Madura claimed a young woman of promise for Venezuela. The citizens endure more rampant crime with a government that refuses to protect the people. Now the government uses criminal means to silence protest.

Maybe the first lady needs to open her eyes to the struggles of these “knuckleheads” beyond getting free birth control under Obamacare. The young leaders around the world are being killed by oppressive and inept governments. From Iran, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, China, Russia and maybe soon in the USA, the young leaders challenge the lazy autocrats presume they are dictators.

Michelle Obama is beyond her capabilities to instruct and lecture the young leaders of our country. She is an old AARP busy body sticking her nose into too many families. The new leaders of our country have survived more hardship in their young years than Michelle ever had to deal with.

She died without a ripple from our White House.

She died without a ripple from our White House.

Winter Tales to share on surviving

February 16, 2014

We all have winter tales to share now. The laws of nature are not bound by the hot air of man’s law and leaders. The good folks living in New York city have my sympathy. I love visiting, but am not sure about returning with your current mayor. There is no counting the number of winter storms that have claimed control of the East Coast this winter. Anyway, saw the video of heavy snow, blowing snow, and the mayor standing tall on keeping schools open in week of Valentine’s Day. Probably can be sure he has rules and restrictions on enjoying the traditional Valentine’s Day in HIS schools. Safe travel for your children be damned! Risking life and limb for what reason? His school superintendent must live in some magic land of bubbles and rainbows. She said “It’s beautiful outside!” Your children are doomed!

Our fearless leader is cranking out more carbon restrictions with regulations to make our lives miserable. These new rules, regulations, and laws are being done to save nature? Obama is fighting “GLOBAL WARMING”! Talk to the people in the South on their winter of global warming. I think he signed some new rules while golfing in California, and his beloved Michelle spending our money in Aspen, Colorado. There is a new solar panel facility reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere. Obama was proud of such efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The birds who are unaware of our global warming impending doom are getting killed. It seems they are literally being cooked to death when flying over this massive area of mirror solar panels. Is it possible we are INCREASING GLOBAL WARMING by reflecting all the sun’s heat right back into atmosphere?

Our weather forecasters are trying to stay popular in Wisconsin Green Bay area. They don’t want to keep dumping more dire predictions of heavy snow and cold in their forecasts. So they don’t tell us, but we get the bad weather without them telling us! Picture in this post is of my top deck rail this morning with over a foot of snow perched on the rail. My Summertime Tiki God is mad and covered with snow on the rail. It is 5 degrees out right now. I had to buy propane at double the price last week to get through this Winter. The brilliant morons Gore and Obama (G.O.!) can stuff their pie hole with snow.

We all know Spring is coming! We don’t know if we can make it Spring? I am glad we got propane delivered last Monday to get to Spring. My only consolation is that I don’t live in New York with a meathead for a mayor. The school kids and their parents in New York, I wish you good luck! I would not risk my family’s safety listening to that moron.

More snow than we need everywhere!

More snow than we need everywhere!

Donate to national celebration for Obama departure!

February 15, 2014

The USA must prepare for the day President Obama is no longer our fearless leader! The hobo nation is preparing the ultimate farewell celebration in the hobo jungle. We can be confident that our President and First Lady will host endless parties, travel to every exotic destination while using our tax money for their pleasure. Hobo budget can’t match their burning up of our money, but we can enjoy our celebration on their leaving!

Uncle Stosh and Ken Stonehenge will hold preparation meetings in Las Vegas. The city Obama singled out for dumping on is our site to celebrate. There is no way we can burn up 5 trillion dollars like our president, but we can have fun! I got no idea how to burn up 5 trillion dollars anyway.

January 19, 2017 is our target date to celebrate our freeloader is leaving the White House! We will accept any donation from $1,000 to $1,000,000. This is not a tax deductible donation. We are following the same standards of transparency and accounting as in our IRS. What we do with your money is our business, and non of your business! On January 20, 2017 is the inauguration date for our next president.

Viva Las Vegas goodbye Obama!

Viva Las Vegas goodbye Obama!

Welcome to Olympics in Sochi Russia

February 8, 2014

NBC television sent too many talking heads to Sochi. Russia is not perfect? Really? Millions died in Stalin “worker’s paradise” including many relatives I never got to meet. The people of Russia endured and survived and just now are starting to see seedlings of capitalism and freedom of speech. USA is now on the other side of this process. Our people are seeing more IRS, FBI, OSHA, EPA and healthcare regulations and restrictions on freedom. NBC doesn’t seem to care about the group think propaganda mentality on their coverage of the USA under the NSA microscope.

The biggest complaint on Russia Olympics opening ceremony is a failed electronic display of Olympic Rings? Gee did some of the people have underwear that didn’t fit well too? How about the toilet paper in Sochi? If I go to see a spectacular concert or ice hockey game, do I complain about a bad decoration or their bathroom? I remember the event, not the flaw that won’t diminish the memory of enjoyment.

So NBC talking heads start discussing the theme of military domination in Russia and the sanctity of gay life style protection. How about NBC bathrooms and technical glitches on national broadcasts that aren’t perfect? How many of these television personalities actually know the history of Russia, or even current events there? How about Obama backing off every time Putin challenges the USA leader?

Putin announces the Winter Games open.

Putin announces the Winter Games open.

Governor Christie fatigue

February 2, 2014

Why does the USA have to care about Governor Christie either lying or being incompetent. He’s only a governor. We got a president that is either lying or incompetent!

I really believed that Mitt Romney could be elected president! My hopes started to fade, and the nail in the coffin was Christie at nominating convention of Republicans! I don’t care about Christie childhood or parents, or his values. I don’t care about Christie. Christie cares about Christie. How or why the Republicans were dumb enough to allow him introducing Romney confirms Republicans are stupid. Somewhere in Christie rambling, we were supposed to be teased and connected to the candidate that could beat Obama. It never happened because Christie could only talk about himself. His ego is larger than his girth!

If Democrats are lying and setting up Christie, then I say THANK YOU! Romney was too nice and did not tell Obama “You are lying!” during debates. Romney was too nice to walk out and hook Christie off stage from his terrible introduction for Romney! I would have kicked his fat ass off the stage and cut him short! Christie must NEVER BE PRESIDENT CANDIDATE! Nobody will vote for him.

3 losers that screwed their political parties!

2 losers that screwed their political parties!

EPA ignores methane violations in Washington DC

February 1, 2014

Our government loves to write laws and create more regulations. We pretend that our laws rule the universe. The laws of man do not over rule the laws of nature. Recent example was a dairy barn in Germany that exploded the roof off due to methane, but the cows were not harmed.

Our Environmental Protection Agency has been ignoring the methane levels at dangerous levels in Washington DC today. EPA wants to regulate and interfere everywhere else in the USA, except in Washington DC now! It’s good that we prohibit smoking indoors, since a match could raise the roof in White House, Senate, and Congress. All these places have been generating a lot of methane.

You can pretend that they are not producing dangerous levels of methane, but you can sure smell it when you visit Washington DC now. The EPA can generate as much methane as they want, but they can regulate everybody else? The laws of nature over rule the laws of man. EPA wants to limit methane and cow by products. EPA has no restrictions on DC methane!

sows less danger than politicians!

cows less danger than politicians!

Anarchists with bombs and guns ignore laws!

January 26, 2014

Bill Ayers fancied himself a revolutionary that was blowing up the USA love of military and police. His ego created WEATHERMEN group to carry out terrorist attacks to kill the defenders of the USA. His buddies get killed while he watches the USA ignore his brilliant attack on the police and military. His delusion is commonplace. Self absorbed genius turns out to be mediocre lightweight intellect and terrible propaganda skills.

The Boston Bomber brothers were more effective than Ayers but did not move the public sentiment to their cause. The Colorado movie killer did not get his bombs at home to explode, sort of like inept Ayers. Now, the mall killer had some bombs that failed to give his death more of an impact.

World Trade Center buildings had bombs in parking garage that didn’t bring down the towers in 1993. Columbine killers had bombs too. It seems bombs deserve some concern! Bombs can kill more people than guns with a limited range of killing.

Why don’t we have anti bomb focus on our laws and propaganda campaign of Eric Holder? We can appoint Bill Ayers as the Czar of BOOM! President Obama should spend time with his political patron Ayers. Bill can provide some unique insights into the delusions and mental weakness that leads people to blow up buildings and people.

Bombs are Bill's preferred method of killing.

Bombs are Bill’s preferred method of killing.

Let’s go back to cold hard cash!

January 18, 2014

No cyber criminal can rob me. I don’t use credit cards. I carry cash and pay cash. Yes, there are pick pockets, and thieves and robbers that can steal my cash. However, the most I could lose is what I am carrying with me. My credit union account will not get cleaned out.

The Russian peasants did not want to carry silver and gold coins because they were too heavy. Since the Russian Revolution not too many have to worry about having too much money. Paper money started convenience and counterfeiting. I like silver dollars of older days. I like the dollar coins recently issued. A hundred dollar coins will tug your trousers down to your ankles and rip your trousers pockets. However, if I spend $40 or $50 then you won’t lose your pants. My wife would probably put $100 or $200 in coins in her purse, and that would wallop any crook pretty good! Plus a $25 roll of coins in the palm of my hand, would break any jaw with a punch on the mark.

The welfare system should issue dollar coins instead of a debit card. When I started working at W.F. Hall printing company in Chicago in 1980, payday on every Friday was cash in a pay envelope. Wives hustled down to the factory at 3:30 PM to grab the pay envelope before the husband wandered into Teddy’s bar after work. I was an office worker so I got a paycheck, but factory workers took cash.

Please do not be shocked when you travel to Wisconsin. A whole lot of places don’t take a check. A whole lot of places want CASH! It’s a quaint concept. When I was working for TIME we went to a Wisconsin saloon to entertain a coworker at his favorite joint. My boss reached for his credit card and everyone was looking at the plastic card. “We don’t take credit!” So I had to reach into my pocket and pay cash for my boss. I don’t think he paid me back. That was back in the 1975, and he’s dead now so I guess I can write that off.

A whole lot of buddies of my oldest son don’t have credit cards. They got lousy rating due to the robust Obama economy. So they are forced to live using cash only. That’s not that bad. Welcome back to the stone age! Credit is not a right. Even the USA might get off the addiction to out of control borrowing through the US Treasury. More accurate is US Penury. We celebrate Obama having put the country into Penury instead of Treasury. Credit is not evil. However, dumb people like our fearless leader have no clue on how to handle credit. 18 trillion is not enough credit?

If you think you got it bad, what if relied on Obama for your future?

If you think you got it bad, what if relied on Obama for your future?

Closing public parks and denying death benefits to soldiers!

January 12, 2014

News media has a new bone to chew over for months on end. Staff of governor Christie set obstacles to a Democrat city with Washington Bridge barricades. As a child of Chicago, I knew the Democrat mob took no prisoners denying the services of the city as leverage. Snow storms did not get plowed around political enemy territory, and complaints on the local television news were shrugged off.

It seems curious that news media remained deaf, dumb, and blind to Obama use of Chicago Democrat mob tactics himself. So to prove how bad Republicans were on enforcing the sequester Obama dreamed up in the first place, he set out a scorched earth campaign. WWII veterans were barricaded and denied access to open air public areas. Park forest land was “closed”, and any private business adjacent to these parks were closed to weddings, honeymooners, and vacationers. Soldiers killed during sequester were denied government death benefits of insurance, and family travel to meet their lost loved one. School children could not tour the White House. The staff of Obama did not give an inch on these meaningless and spiteful in your face refutation of the disease of sequester.

So the news media spins around howling about traffic lanes blocked on Washington Bridge as the story that blocks out all other previous issues of Libya slaughter of citizens in Benghazi and scattering illegal weapons by Attorney General to drug lords of Mexico. People died from Obama failures. People were inconvenienced with Christie scandal. News media obviously know Christie scandal is much more important than murder.

People died because of Obama policy decisions.

People died because of Obama policy decisions.

Obama honored as Misanthrope of 2013!

January 6, 2014

The “golden chamber pot” has been awarded to our fearless leader for his heroic efforts of 2013! Margaret Thatcher was once considered for this award, but she fell short of this prize from the Curmudgeon Society of Bumbershoot University. It is the tradition for the prize winner to be poured a celebratory toast with a pint of golden ale into a chamber pot!

The extent of achievements improving the lot of the working man and tax payer in the USA astounded the award committee from Bumbershoot University. They never saw anyone in the history of the colonies that has done so little with so much rancor and name calling! Kenya can be proud and Indonesia can also take credit on sharing the gift of Obama to the USA. Since the expense of a gold chamber pot is excessive, the only gold in the pot will be the golden ale!

Sending thousands to be maimed and killed into combat with ridiculous restrictions on politically correct defense strategies ranks high as a factor in Obama’s favor. Releasing terrorists, sleeping through the Benghazi massacre of US staff, and being blissfully unaware of IRS persecution of political adversaries all merit recognition! He takes pleasure in drone killing as well!
The topper was ripping health insurance from families that they could afford, to be replaced by Obamacare policies that cost more and give less useful benefits tipped the scales!

There is an honorarium of a billion Bitcoins in addition to his own chamber pot!
Congratulations to our fearless leader and Misanthrope of 2013!

Even a king needs to sit on a throne!  Chamber pots for the seat of power!

Even a king needs to sit on a throne! Chamber pots for the seat of power!

Ignore cold weather, climate change is worse!

January 6, 2014

Flights are canceled. Schools and governments are closed! People are dying because of the weather! NO, it is not “Global Warming”! We have record COLD!

What about the polar bears? Al Gore is worried that all this talk about record cold gripping the USA hides our global warming problem. Just because our average temperature is colder for the last 10 years, we are still getting warmer! Ignore the facts, just listen to the dire warnings!

Wasting time and money on global warming restrictions and regulations could be better spent. The most vulnerable are the poor and homeless dying in bitter cold. Maybe the global warmers should take 10% of their time to do charitable works to assist those in need to stay out of the frigid threat.

The “polar vortex” is Antarctic wind is dropping lower to shove brutal cold down onto the USA. Global warming is the reason the cold won’t stay north? We love the creative minds that didn’t predict or quantify this global warming change to the Polar Vortex before. But now it is clear, global warming is a hysteria in the scientific community that cannot admit they are wrong.

So now may the Polar Vortex be with us! It used to be the power of science to measure and provide means of predicting repeatable patterns. Now, we are just dreaming up excuses to keep fables alive.

We live in the rubble of the Ice Age in Northern Wisconsin where glaciers dragged boulders and stones across the country. We have Ice Age boulders scattered throughout the forest land. It seems to me that a climate cycle that brings the Ice Age happens with or without burning coal or other nonsense. I would like to know if we are in a climate cycle to another Ice Age. Too much time and effort is being wasted on chasing unicorns and global warming. We have seen a unicorn, but haven’t found global warming.

Al fears polar bear extinction with global warming!

Al fears polar bear extinction with global warming!

Job Recovery Act of Obama is historic!

January 2, 2014

Now is the time to take action! After 5 years, our fearless leader is ready to act! We have over 25 million new school graduates and older unemployed looking for work. You may have heard our president speak fondly of getting our country moving with “shovel ready jobs” many, many times.

Well now we will see the new millennium vision of the most brilliant thinker leading our country. We are giving worker loans to 25 million unemployed people to buy a shovel. The loans issued by the IRS will be distributed across this country to anyone who wants a shovel. You can be an illegal immigrant, staying past your visa, or have no intention of working. You can apply for social security disability because you cannot physically shovel after taking the loan.

Just imagine the joy of seeing Labor Day parades with 25 million shovels on display in every town’s parade!? There are EPA guidelines on who can shovel where with 25 permits before digging. The EPA will need to add another million paper shufflers to handle the 25 million shovelers!

Each shovel will have a GPS chip and a unique tracking identity assigned to each shoveler. The expense of this plan will be approximately $1,000 per shovel for a total expenditure of $25 billion dollars,

How about starting more factories to produce shovels, and maybe even wheel barrows? Why stop there? How about making barrel hoops for more wood barrels and buggy whips too? Obama bragged that USA sent a man to the moon 50 years ago. Maybe, he can consider something more productive than shoveling? This may take a panel of professors another 10 years to deliberate.

We don't need more oil workers.  We need shovelers!

We don’t need more oil workers. We need shovelers!

Goodbye 2013! Hello 2014!

December 31, 2013

There is good cause to celebrate the passing of 2013. Snowden left the USA as a top security clearance temporary worker with NSA files traveling to China and then Russia. That reassures me that the NSA does a great job of spying on everybody, except themselves. So our secrets are safe in China and Russia according to John Kerry because he was promised they wouldn’t look. Kerry didn’t bother recalling Snowden passport after his stealing files, so he could travel the globe with our hush-hush top secret information.

Obamacare is now officially the Affordable Care Act. Mostly to pretend he didn’t know the hell he let loose on our citizens. The IRS besides irritating all of us, chose special attention to patriot groups, veterans groups, and Tea Party groups to harass, audit, and call back again for another audit. The IRS guy that visited the white house 500 times, said it was for meetings on Obamacare. That’s reassuring that he was incompetent in the extreme on Obamacare too!

2013 was the official White House reply; “I don’t know. I found out when I read the news.” Now the news media seems to be asking more questions, and the president can’t wait now to read about it in the news, because he is the news!

Russia assisted our president on how to handle Iran. Putin kept our president out of Syria. We need to get to know Putin better here, since he is running the world now.

2014 will be a great year. There are signs that our citizens realize we got too many hobo folk around since our president promised to focus like a laser on improving employment 5 years ago. Citizens are trying to figure out what happened to them with Obamacare. The majority of citizens don’t want what our president dished out in 2013 anymore. We will have reason to celebrate for 2014!

Stay strong and love your family! 2014 is coming and it will be good! Happy New Year!

He is ready for a good 2014!

He is ready for a good 2014!

Lady with baby national threat?

December 27, 2013

Miriam Carey 34 years old died on October 3, 2013. She had her 1 year old child in her car and was driving toward the White House. For those who keep track of census statistics, she was an Afro-American. The heavy security population around the perimeter of our White House were telling her to stop her progress. A Secret Service agent moved a horse barricade in front of her approaching car, and got clipped and rolled off her car hood.

Now the she became a lethal security threat because she bumped somebody. Guns drawn, sirens wailing, and all forces mobilized. Miriam sped away. Poor decision but the use of force escalated. Her poor driving at higher speed let her be a shooting target in a highly populated tourist area? To no surprise she was shot dead. I don’t plan on driving in Washington D.C., but what if my cab driver becomes a security target for poor driving?

Her apartment was evacuated by police as hazardous material suited bomb squad types went through her apartment. They found some soiled diapers and she did not recycle plastic bottles. Both are capital offenses, of course.

She did have local police visit her apartment months before when she explained to the police that she was “the prophet of Stamford” and was being monitored by President Obama security systems. She was right about being monitored by NSA. However, as most people with mental issues, the local authorities make notes and then leave waiting for shootings, bombings, or car chases. Then the police can solemnly confirm they saw warning signs earlier.

She must have been a Democrat, because the commercial news media always highlight somebody killed was a Republican, or a Tea Party supporter, or a NRA member. Any criminal that has no political affiliation reported can be safely considered an average Democrat.

In France a crazy socialist rammed the iron gates at the French President’s residence. He was irate over cuts to cultural subsidies. He wasn’t shot or sent to jail. He left and France’s president said it was no big deal. France has higher taxes than us, but you won’t get killed in France as national threat for being upset and doing something stupid.

So our country today sends out SWAT Teams, tells citizens to stay in their homes or be shot, because the police can’t find a rogue cop in California. Then the rogue cop has his hostages escape to tell the police the bad guy is within 2 blocks of the command center handling his pursuit. More coffee and donuts needed at the command center would have got him!

Our security systems and procedures need some basic common sense. We know we got robots, drones, video, satellite surveillance, and command centers teeming with computers. How about some common sense?

End of the road for poor soul killed by police.

End of the road for poor soul killed by police.

Let the Health Games begin!

December 25, 2013

Hunger Games was based on the entertainment from forcing people to compete for food. A representative from each district has their champion to bring home the bacon. Now we have the USA Health Games. It would be fair if we had champions to represent our districts through out the land. However, the game is rigged before it starts. Our fearless leader has doled out exemptions, subsidies (our money stolen from your taxes), and just changed the law to appease those pouring money into his pocket.

So moms and dads try to celebrate Christmas, while they don’t know if their health insurance enrollment actually did work so they have insurance starting 2014. Some moms and dads did not enroll because the Affordable Care Act was impossible to pay out of their budget. And next year tens of millions more will lose their health insurance as our president brags about 1 million enrolled in his Obamacare trap. “May the odds be in your favor!” We know our odds are slim so we need good luck.

It still puzzles me how Obama got into office as president and became a millionaire? Where did all this money come from? Oh yes, the whole country bought millions of his books. Or did corporate sponsors buy truckloads of books as payola? Bribes that don’t show up on the blind eye of the IRS looking away?

Life or death decisions made by doctors are turning points in life for every one of us. Pushing, shoving, and tying the hands of doctors helps save lives? The 25,000 pages of instructions, requirements, and red tape help doctors save our lives? I look forward to Michael Moore movie that will be an enthusiastic hearth warming endorsement of all the happy families saved by Obamacare!

2014 will be a turning point in our country’s history. The Prohibition of health choices and the penalties for helping the poor with charitable health care sounds like communist Russia. Is this the USA? The Christmas miracle of baby Jesus was also a tale of fear. The might of the tyrants that wanted to kill the baby as a threat to their power is not a myth or fairy tale. The poverty and the miracles of eluding the death squads for Mary and Joseph made the life of Jesus more amazing. All of us are enemies of the state if we challenge the Health Games!

“Quit picking on him! He did the best he could!”

December 20, 2013

We all got a son, daughter, or relative that always seems to lose their wallet, keys, can’t keep a job, and forget about balancing a check book. The latest polls on the popularity of our government services says nobody is happy. Hey, get off his back. Obama is doing the best he can. So, it’s pretty miserable. Hey, he’s doing his best, but it’s just terrible.

We are not supposed to keep score at sports events. We are not supposed to have an honor roll based on actually being the best at academics. We tell all our school children that it’s okay to be dumber than 75% of school children from other countries. Just pay the union teachers more, and come up with more federal guidelines on education to make them dumber. The USA is politically correct and totally stupid.

So, the USA population wants to be coddled and given stuff thanks to Obama. However, the natives are restless. Obama can’t even give us stuff without screwing it up. He’s giving us health insurance. He’s giving us free telephones. He’s giving us free education with dumber graduates. He’s giving us stuff that doesn’t work and is costing us more than before! It seems people don’t want that!

President Obama will rank below Millard Fillmore as forgotten presidents. We can’t forget him soon enough. When is he leaving office? How about he follows president Nixon’s exit plan?

Why worry about little people?

Why worry about little people?

Abandoned dog finds manger of baby Jesus

December 15, 2013
Abandoned dog nestled in outdoor manger display for shelter.

Abandoned dog nestled in outdoor manger display for shelter.

God works in mysterious ways! Holiday decorations outside a home for Christmas became a good deed for abandoned dog. In the morning they saw this dog asleep in the crib huddled for warmth, without disturbing the baby Jesus. This picture makes me smile and cry at the same time.

This dog was abandoned and without a home. Finding shelter with Jesus tells me that even in our simplest acts, there are wonders that can change lives. I can’t judge the people who dumped the dog. We can save abandoned children and dogs! We don’t have time to waste with so many children and dogs dumped on the street.

Keep the spirit of Christmas alive in small acts of kindness. We don’t need trillions of dollars, just a meal or just a bed for a night to change a life.

Support to Hobo Duke denied by Jane Fonda?!

December 15, 2013

The FONDA FOUNDATION in Atlanta, Georgia has been swamped by requests for assistance. In the last 5 years, no assistance to anybody anywhere came from Jane’s foundation. She is chairman, president, treasurer, and like our president is in the land of “I don’t know”! This foundation does pay the chairman, plus the president, plus the treasurer a lot of money each year. Her challenge is to schedule meetings where the chairman, president and treasurer can be available to handle foundation business.

Uncle Stosh plans on a hobo migration to Atlanta during the winter. We look forward to camping in Jane’s backyard and setting up our hobo jungle. Jane has ignored the hobo cause! We have not seen one nickel of donation. Nobody has seen a nickel for years for charity.

This will be exciting to see Jane at her home. Some of our Viet Nam veterans still carry their Hanoi Jane pictures seated on a anti aircraft gun grinning in joy with fellow communists. Jane has always donated the same amount to Disabled American Veterans every year. NOTHING!

The surest way for the IRS to pay attention to the FONDA FOUNDATION is to put out full page thank you advertising on NBC and The New York Times for her support of TEA PARTY. The IRS will show up with FBI immediately and confiscate all of her financial records for the last 5 years. Right now only FOX News is talking about her and the IRS is waiting for NBC to confirm her disloyalty.

Jane Fonda hides her money as a charitable foundation.

Jane Fonda hides her money as a charitable foundation.

Having fun at a funeral Obama style!

December 11, 2013
Michelle excluded from "selfie" nonsense!

Michelle excluded from “selfie” nonsense!

If you can’t have fun at a funeral, then when can you? Our fearless leader enjoyed himself hanging out with world leaders at a funeral service. If you can’t love yourself, than who can? B.O. seems to have Michelle steaming mad while he was huddling with Cameron and snuggling with Schmidt for a happy picture! The plane ride home could not go fast enough for our fearless leader. They did have to turn up the heat, since the plane was frosty with Michelle’s cold shoulder. Mother in law in the White House had the rolling pin ready for Michelle to lay down the law

If Obama followed his own rules, then the official White House photographer would be making official pictures only. Obama is stealing work from a union photographer!

A Date which will live in infamy!”

December 7, 2013

President Roosevelt declared this date to be remembered forever in the USA as “a date which will live in infamy!” The lessons from this date in our history are being long forgotten. The nuclear ambitions to control the world by Iran, North Korea, China, and our old ally/enemy Russia remain real threats to our existence.

So we remember the attack, but we ignore the same decisions that led to war back then as now. We ignored threats from small countries with ambitions of ruling the world. We let our military readiness lapse into being ready for costume parades and Washington D.C. reassuring the country we are protected by hollow armies.

There is a group of former top military leaders that are attempting to warn those who will listen to these concerns. Military battle experienced generals are being shown the door. Our volunteer military see that their benefits, their pay, and their families are selected to bear more sacrifice.

Our allies are being ignored today, just as in in 1941. However, the weapons of war will not give us the luxury of time as 72 years ago. At some point, our enemies will be tempted to take what they most desire and violate our treaties with allies. Our allies do not rest easy with our reassurances.

Japan attacked USA 12/7/1941

Japan attacked USA 12/7/1941

Whitehouse Christmas “knockdown game”

December 6, 2013
Lame white girl knocked down by Michelle's pet Sunny for Christmas!

Lame white girl knocked down by Michelle’s pet Sunny for Christmas!

High on my list of things that piss me off, are pet owners who can’t control them. Neighbors with dogs that have to run up to your property to take a dump are always fun. My dogs are always leashed when we are off property, unless hunting in the woods. If you can’t control your dogs, then you can’t be too bright to be outsmarted by your dog. Michelle wanted happy Kodak memory pictures of entertaining disabled and disadvantaged children with a Christmas gathering. Broccoli, colon cleansing sauerkraut, and speeches on Obamacare were festive treats for these children.

Suddenly, this out of control crippled white girl with a walker forced Michelle’s dog Sunny to attack by her taunting and smacking her dog. Or maybe, Michelle is a dumb ass that handles dogs by yanking and strangling the dog in the process. So this little girl got assaulted and knocked down in the White House! Merry Christmas! This is a cherished memory for me.

Her husband was busy intervening in dozens of Kenya relatives from his father’s family here illegally for decades without any visa or citizenship. At least Jimmy Carter had legal relatives that were funny. Obama has illegal immigrants that are criminals!

Merry Christmas from the White House! For some reason this never was shown on television? I will always enjoy this Christmas gift from White House!

Listen to the people chant REPEAL!

December 5, 2013

Today has greater significance as the anniversary date of 21st Amendment to our Constitution! The people of the USA took a detour from sanity thanks to The Christian Women’s Temperance Union back in January 16, 1919. They harangued their husbands, their relatives, their neighbors on the evil influence of any drink with Alcohol! Thus came the 18th amendment to silence these harpies of Christian virtue wore down the will of men to protect the heritage of humanity to enjoy beer, wine, corn liquor, and so many different liquors.

However, the USA does not wrap itself in the cloak of hypocrisy to appease busy body self appointed do gooders. We tolerated criminals delivering prohibited liquor in great demand across the USA. Organized crime thrived and flourished to provide the forbidden beverages to the country. “Bootlegger” gangsters unleashed rampant brutality and murders to protect their newfound wealth from honest citizens. Farmers and country folk brewed their own corn liquor, as pilgrims from colonial days.

REPEAL of 18th amendment was done in 21st amendment today in 1933. It is amazing that 14 years of prohibition existed in the USA. The countries around the world had to wonder on the sanity of our citizens. The countries around the world did not see the morality and virtue demonstrated in the USA as improved during Prohibition. REPEAL did not see the country decline and turn away from virtue.

No one can legislate, enforce laws, and drive anyone to some cult concept of what is “good” or “evil”. Only the USA is goofy enough to wander into such territory. Obamacare is just another detour in The Twilight Zone of social engineering and holier than thou oratory on the virtues of confiscating our insurance premiums for a greater cause.

Women of loose moral character campaigned for repeal of PROHIBITION!

Women of loose moral character campaigned for repeal of PROHIBITION!

We got too many laws ignoring laws of nature!

December 1, 2013

When it rains, why does it have to pour? Why do we have thunderstorms? Why do we have earthquakes? Why do we have gravity? Asking “why?” is normal. We learn how things work as observers. We do not make gravity. We do not make weather. We know that the forces of nature can bring life or death if you do not recognize what is happening. We do not create the laws of nature if we merely observe the effects.

Politicians brag about the laws they pass in legislature. The laws of nature are more efficient. We have tons of paper printed with man made laws. The law of gravity has men buried under these tons of man made laws. The laws of nature continue without a single vote or speech on the wisdom of the laws.

Humanity has a blessing in our capacity to modify our immediate environment. The discovery of fire profoundly changed our chances to survive. Of course, now we are lectured and scolded on the use of wood for heat or bon fires. This will destroy our environment. Of course. wildfires burning 50,000 acres of woods ignited by dead trees in forests is our fault too. We are too stupid to clear dead trees and brush that ignite millions of trees. Tree huggers “feel good” about saving fire hazards like dead trees and dead brush. Where are these tree huggers as fire fighters die, and tons of live trees are consumed in fire by this dead kindling?

Our country needs to focus on the laws of nature as we add tons of additional laws of man. Children are not programmed like a computer. Children have natural needs and activities that are ageless. This includes boys allowed to grow up as boys and girls allowed to grow up as girls. Children before puberty are not making sexual choices for gay/lesbian/transgender on why they prefer to play tag or pick flowers.

Dead trees can be harvested to end wildfire fuel.

Dead trees can be harvested to end wildfire fuel.

“Dear Comrade” letters from White House

November 30, 2013
Trapped in capitalist country as captive of billionaire donors!

Trapped in capitalist country as captive of billionaire donors!

“Dear Comrade,

Too many white people with flags, guns, and money in this country of capitalism! Liberating capitalist pigs from their precious money is going well. I have been forced to wallow in luxury with excessive mansion vacations and elite golf courses. It pains me to live this double life of pretending to enjoy the life of billionaires, while too many comrades can only protest WalMart for $50 in the cause.

We need your help to overthrow the vile, selfish, capitalist pig Republicans wallowing in white prejudice and wealth stolen from the poorest proletariat! Send me rubles, gold, yankee dollars, or inform on your neighbor!

your fearless leader”

Obama speech beats longest speeches by Fidel and Nikita!  WOW!

Obama speech beats longest speeches by Fidel and Nikita! WOW!

Thanksgiving 2013 north woods of Wisconsin

November 29, 2013
Bitter cold and snow outside with a blazing fireplace inside let us enjoy a warm holiday!

Bitter cold and snow outside with a blazing fireplace inside let us enjoy a warm holiday!

It was a quiet holiday for us, except for the dogs who are never quiet! We enjoyed smoked turkey, pretzel bread rolls, cranberry/orange relish, corn, apple sauce, and mashed potatoes with gravy. We give thanks for our blessings from God.

We are looking forward to the unveiling of Obamacare web site version 3! “Black Friday” is not a racist slur. It is a day when a lot of people look forward to saving money on what they buy. There were people fighting at WalMart and rolling in the aisles to be the first one to get onto enrolling for health care!

It is no joke for the millions of families that will not have health care insurance as 2014 is not far away. No matter how broke I was, my family always had insurance because nothing matters if you can’t protect your family! We don’t forgive and forget on endangering our families with this Obamacare nonsense. Anyone that wonders how bright is our president, just needs to see how incompetent his management of his great idea is sinking into a black hole.

We can feel confident of our citizens, our country, and our patriotism to defend our freedoms and heritage! I don’t trust our president, or anything he says. “PERIOD!”

Iran claims President Obama lied?!

November 28, 2013

Iran defies our fearless leader. The deal is not even done, and Iran concerned on Obama version of what was agreed. “If you like your nukes, you can keep your nukes! PERIOD!” It seems Iran was not supposed to be so direct on sharing information. We know that our president would never mislead or make false claims!

Obamacare web site would be running by end of November. Maybe not?

IRS targeting Tea Party non profit groups will set new rules so Tea Party never can be approved as non profit! Obama never knew, didn’t approve this, until he approved it!

We all were told that a YOUTUBE video making fun of Islam made a mob kill our ambassador in Benghazi! Obama never said that!? That’s what he claimed during televised presidential debate with Mitt Romney. So how can you debate with somebody that lies? Plus who will call Obama a liar? IRAN!

Putin pulled Obama by his nose away from Syria. Obama seems to have forgotten all about Syria? Before Putin shut Obama down, fearless leader was ready to get military involved!

As we give Thanks to God for our blessings today, I am grateful that I trust my fellow citizens to be more honest than our president. Our president can’t remember all the lies, so it does get confusing now to know which lie is now true?

Pope Francis gives us more hope for better days ahead!

Pope Francis gives us more hope for better days ahead!

We miss “The Duke” for his wit and humor!

November 24, 2013

John Wayne was always my favorite actor from childhood until today. He never played a perfect man. His flaws and problems in the films he portrayed the struggle of a common man. His courage made him heroic, not some computer graphics magic. Best of all, he loved to irritate the self appointed intelligentsia of ivy league universities. Yes, he knew they rated him as a boob and simple minded man always waving “the flag”.

It was a golden age of Hollywood to have him with great characters like Ward Bond, Richard Boone, and my favorite Victor McLaglen! These folks got the pleasure of being children affected by THE DEPRESSION and then WWII as entertaining during trying times. The know it all 1960′s flower power crowd did not slow down The Duke!

No apologies  or shades of gray on the truth!

No apologies or shades of gray on the truth!

Comrade Obama needs a hug!

November 21, 2013

Comrade Obama is creating a worker’s paradise on earth! Why are there evil nasty people complaining about AFFORDABLE CARE that is being GIVEN to everybody! Obama and the ruling class in Washington D.C. are not in this health care system. We know they are more important than us proletariat! Many of us are waiting with shovels! ONE DAY WE WILL GET PAID TO SHOVEL!

Obama has been trying for 5 years to help us find something to do. We are a burden on our fearless leader! We feel sorry to distract our fearless leader from his vacations and making speeches around the world.

Capitalist stooges are booing our fearless leader!

Capitalist stooges are booing our fearless leader!

Boo Birds in Oregon

November 18, 2013

We salute our citizens from Oregon at the NCAA basketball game against Maryland! He did not get a thunderous ovation? He did not have children and women swarm by his feet? Michelle had to witness public ridicule and humiliation! Fans did not expect to have to deal with seeing president Obama. When it was announced Obama was in the house, it got awkward.

We don’t know who brought in these people, but many fans showered a torrent of “Boo” on our fearless leader.

Let us send condolences to our imperial president. There will not be any shrine dedicated to worship him. Any public poster is now requiring an armed guard to protect his mug from spray paint artists. He will probably think twice about mingling with the common folk shouting out “Boo!”

Foreign press has reported this incident and acknowledgements to “Daily Mail” from United Kingdom.

I can't hear you!  How cute?

I can’t hear you! How cute?

Welcome to Neverland!

November 17, 2013

Adults are children at heart! Peter Pan with Tinker Bell battling Captain Hook is a favorite childhood fairy tale. They all lived in “Neverland”. What we are witnessing today is a president living in his own fairy tale? Nobody told him the problems on Affordable Care Act? Were the Republicans in Congress not sending out warning flares? Our fearless leader insisted all is in readiness to implement new insurance exchange. Until it didn’t work, then a delays seems prudent!

Welcome to Neverland! Our president never knew anything. Our president continues to stay ignorant on purpose. We’ve heard it all before, again, and again. He learned about the IRS persecuting and delaying Tea Party groups in the newspaper. The IRS stopped doing it after he learned. Except, the IRS kept doing it after he learned. He never knew they didn’t stop? He never knew Fast and Furious guns killed our citizens? He doesn’t know why Eric Holder doesn’t know about it? The millions of canceled policies makes him feel sorry? Why should he be sorry? Because we found out? Or because he can’t pretend he didn’t know more will get canceled next year?

The House of Representatives in Congress are holding hearings and bringing truth to light. The fairy tales from Neverland may be ending soon. Our president is not a very good story teller anyway. I do admit that Eric Holder and B.O. do enjoy telling whoppers!

Listen to the clown in the White House!

Listen to the clown in the White House!

“Sorry folks” does what to help?

November 14, 2013

Once upon a time, when a law was passed by Congress, than the President was to enact the law. It seems the law for Affordable Care Act is so screwed up, our president who was the master mind behind this law expects to change the law because he is so smart? How do we trust this guy to change a light bulb, without a major power outage? So laws are a free pass to do whatever you dream up as president?

I am totally confused now. The Republicans were going to ruin the country and kill people by delaying ACA for another year! Ted Cruz was an idiot and Harry Reid knew ACA was ready to roll. Granny Pelosi passed the bill she still never read and she knew Boehner was evil trying to delay ACA for a year. BUT NOW WAIT A YEAR IS GOOD? Democrats who can’t operate a shovel or invest in a solar plant that isn’t bankrupt, seem ready to take a timeout. However, a law that has dates to take effect cannot be altered without congressional amendment to the law.

So our president confused us more today. What did he say today? What is happening now? Does anyone know? When your insurance ends at end of December, what happens? The insurance company that canceled millions to meet the ACA dictated rules, are now being told never mind? What does that mean?

Humpty Dumpty has been tipped off the ledge and shattered to pieces. Now the people who shoved him over to crash, say we don’t want to smash himt now! How do we go back after you smashed the egg?

We don't know how to glue humpty dumpty back together again!

We don’t know how to glue humpty dumpty back together again!

Chicago shooting up Easter

April 20, 2014

Chicago was a good place to live when Eisenhower was president. The Chicago Sun-Times update their map of shootings in the city for this Easter weekend.

If we confiscated and collected all of the registered legal guns in Chicago, then the murders and shootings would remain unchanged. These are stolen or black market guns in the hands of criminals, gangs, and minors wanting to enter gangs. Anyway, the coddling and deals with gangs by the city has not accomplished anything.

I harken back to the days of old, when Chicago police had assigned neighborhood beat cops. You knew the cops on your beat, and they knew the families in the neighborhoods. The people would talk to the cops because they knew they stayed around. Now cops are cruising all over, but staying nowhere. When I was in Saint Rita high school, most of the parents of my class mates were police or firemen. Most of these sons, became police or firemen. The murder rate in Chicago was predictable back then. Certain gangland executions of mobsters were anticipated, drunks killing each other in argument, and the start of black gang members getting killed.

Today, the gangs have some turf wars to distribute drugs to rich suburban kids driving into the city, but now gangs delivers drugs to the suburbs. Gangs from Chicago are distributing drugs in Green Bay, Wisconsin now! Guns, drugs, prostitutes are traveling from Chicago in search of victims.

The crime spree of Chicago based criminals is an epidemic now. The mayor of Chicago from Obama’s inner circle is care taker of a failing pact with criminals. Chicago needs to consider the value of Wyatt Earp style neighborhood protectors. Federal money for community programs to bribe gang leaders is not helping. They are cowards that will spray bullets instead of facing directly anybody. Mobs of teen agers stealing in high rent districts, and drug dealing gangs are not being challenged!

Chicago shootings for Easter weekend.

Chicago shootings for Easter weekend.

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